Stop Looking For Free Fall Guys Download Tricks; the game will be FREE soon

The popular platform battle royale game Fall Guys will soon be free to play and comes with multi-platform support. So there is no need to find free download tricks from Fall Guys. Check details.

The publishers of the popular platform battle royale game Fall Guys made an important announcement yesterday. No more searching for shady Fall Guys free download hacks. Devolver Digital has revealed that soon there will be no need to buy the online multiplayer game as it is now free to play. In addition, the game also has multi-platform support, which means you can now play the game on various platforms, including PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. So now not only can you enjoy this game no matter what system you have, you can also play it without paying a cent for it. This new change will take effect from June 21. Also read: Forget about BGMI, check out these top 5 battle royale games on android.

On Monday, May 16, the official Fall Guys Twitter account posted about this announcement. The tweet read: “IT HAPPENS! Soon you will be able to play Fall Guys for free on ALL PLATFORMS! See you on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and EGS on June 21.” This is the game’s first debut on multiple major platforms. This comes two years after the first official release.

Fall Guys will be free to play with cross-platform support

Now that the game is free to play, there are concerns about the existing players, who had paid $20 or Rs worldwide. 1999 in India. However, Devolver Digital has announced that existing players will be rewarded with a free legacy pack of new costumes and accessories for the Fall Guys characters. At the moment, the exact contents of the pack are not known, so it cannot be said whether buying the game now, before June 21, will be a good deal. But even if you just want the free download of Fall Guy, it won’t affect the game anymore and it will only get better.

Along with the new F2P (free to play) avatar, comes a wide range of multi-platform support. Fall Guys offers platform support for PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox, making it one of the most compatible games. In addition to the cross-platform functionality, it also allows players to seamlessly switch between different platforms. The publishers have also assured that playing on any other platform will not result in loss of progress.

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