Steam Deck Tests Show Surprisingly Good MicroSD Load Times

The cheapest version of Valve’s Steam Deck comes with just 64GB of internal storage, but that may not be as much of an issue as it sounds, with early testing suggesting games will run surprisingly fast from a micro SD card. YouTubers who got their hands on the devices early on have started testing the load times of the Steam Deck, with some games running only slightly slower, or in some cases at the same speed as on the SSD, PC Gamer reports.

The speed test comes courtesy of tech YouTubers Linus Tech Tips and The Phawx, who both put the Steam Deck to the test ahead of the wearable device’s launch on February 25. The results, when it comes to loading games from an external micro SD card, are promising, especially at a time when many games have huge install sizes.

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While the number of games currently available for testing is limited – and probably best optimized for the system at launch – the Phawx found that the loading times of games like Dead Cells and Street Fighter V were almost exactly the same between SSD and micro SD, with the longest delay of about 2 seconds. Other games like Portal 2 and Ghostrunner took longer to load on the micro SD, with the longest delay at around 17 seconds.

Both YouTubers concluded that players had little to lose by loading their Steam Deck games directly from a micro SD card, which is good news considering that the Steam Deck’s internal storage is up to 512GB for the most expensive. fashion model. Even the entry-level 64GB model will be a great gaming machine with a 1TB micro SD in it.

The Steam Deck’s portable hardware has some drawbacks, while other technical tests show that players should pay more attention to their game settings to get the most out of the device’s battery life.

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