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The Pokemon Go Alola season starts today. With the new season there will be a series of new events, Pokemon to catch and much more. See all events for March 2022

Pokemon Go Alola Season: Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, kicked off the new Alola Season today. With this update, Pokemon Go will finally include the Alola region from the Pokemon Sun and Moon edition. The new season also marks the end of the Johto season which has added new Pokemon from the Gold and Silver editions including Eevee, Poliwhirl, Totodile, Umbreon, Golbat and more. In this new season, players will have the chance to catch Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Tapu Koko, Rockruff, Pikipek and Jangmo-o. Check out everything that awaits you in this new season and other Pokemon Go events from March 2022.

Pokemon Go Alola Season

Alola’s new tropical season kicks off on March 1, 2022. One of the main attractions of the season is the Tropical Collection Challenge, which gives players the chance to catch and collect Alola-specific Pokemon in-game. Once a player has captured all of the new Pokemon, he is rewarded with 7,000 XP and 15 Ultra Balls. In addition, they will also move towards their elite collector medal.

In addition to the big challenge, there are also other events that take place simultaneously. There will be one, three, five, and mega raids that require players to catch specific Pokemon. Before the event, some Pokemon will appear in their Alolan avatar and will serve as a nice collectible. There are also field research tasks such as previous seasons that players must participate in. Finally, a shiny Yungoos roams around and if you’re lucky, you might be able to catch it!

Pokemon Go Events in March 2022

Pokemon Go Alola season isn’t all you get this month. Players will be interested to note that several other events are scheduled for March. Pokemon Go events from March 2022 include “Welcome to Alola,” the event discussed above. In addition, Festival of Colors starts on March 15th and lasts until March 20th. This event was added to the game to celebrate the festival of Holi. Niantic posted, “You may experience fluttering festive hues during the Festival of Colors,” which most likely means some thematic changes in the game, but no real gameplay change.

From March 22 to 29, players will see the Lush Jungle event where Niantic will deploy multiple raids to capture special Pokemon. See below for more details about the raids.

The legendary Alolan Pokemon and patron god of the region Tapu Koko will make its debut during the five star raids. Therian Forme Tornadus will also appear in five star raids. You can catch Tapu Koko between March 1 and 15 and Tornadus between March 15 and 22. Mega Raids will also take place in the same time frame. Between March 1-15 you can catch Mega Venusaur, between March 15 and 22 you can catch Mega Lopunny and between March 22 and April 5 you have a chance to catch Mega Charizard Y. Finally, every Wednesday in March, a Raid Hour event takes place from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time of the player.

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