PUBG New State Mobile fresh content is “AMONG US”! See what you can play with

New State Mobile and AMONG US have teamed up for a limited time. Fans can look forward to this.

New State Mobile, formerly known as PUBG New State, brings new AMONG US content as part of the latest update. Innersloth, the studio behind AMONG US, has teamed up with New State Mobile for the game’s latest update. The new content will be available from April 21 and will last until May 19. And since this is AMONG US we’re talking about, there are some new minigames to play and try out.

During the limited time, New State Mobile players will be able to try out the AMONG US themed content on the Troi map. Players can “embrace their inner trickster through an Among Us themed minigame, a range of new in-game items, newly added props on the Troi map, and more.” The update has yet to be made available to players on Android and iOS devices.

New State Mobile partners with AMONG US

AMONG US Style for Competition:

Based on the core mechanics of Among Us, players can participate in a themed minigame before a match starts on Troi’s Start Island. When squads enter the Start Island, they can try out the game of Among Us before the match starts. Similar to the AMONG US game, one member of the team is randomly assigned as the impostor, while the rest of the members try to avoid being killed by the impostor. The impostor can use weapons during the minigame to take out squad members.

Special dresses:

As part of the special content, players will be able to purchase specially themed crates, players will be able to purchase a variety of in-game items, including a mask, jacket, inner clothing, backpack, weapons, vehicles, and more.

Props for crew members in Troi:

During the partnership, players will be able to encounter a variety of UNDER US Crewmate themed props scattered around Troi’s Start Island and the landmarks of Chester and Anchorville.

Earn rewards during an AMONG US event:

Starting April 21, players will be able to participate in a special in-game event where they have to complete several new missions. When players complete these missions, they earn a UNDER THE US-themed frame, title, icon, and more that can be used to add colors to players’ in-game profiles. The more missions players complete, the more items they can earn.

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