PUBG being kicked out of NEW CONDITION! Here is the new name for 2022

PUBG New State has now been renamed New State Mobile for 2022 and beyond. A reason for the name change has not been given.

PUBG New State has only been around for a few months and has already undergone a name change. The game brought the PUBG name back to the Indian mobile gaming scene, but as of now, publisher Krafton has changed the name. PUBG New State will now be known as New State Mobile and the name change is already being reflected.

“Hello survivors. NEW STATE has always been a mobile-centric experience and with the transformation to NEW STATE MOBILE we are taking this to the core. We always appreciate your support and look forward to upcoming content updates later this year,” Krafton said via his recent social after.

PUBG New State gets a new name

It looks like Krafton wants to change the name to potentially remove the “PUBG” tag from the game and all related properties. In 2020, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile from the Indian app markets. Initially distributed by Tencent, Krafton took over and relaunched the game in India as Battlegrounds Mobile India, or popularly known as BGMI.

PUBG New State emerged as the sequel to PUBG Mobile/BGMI, where the entire game is set in the future. Players can experience Battle Royale with futuristic weapons and new gameplay concepts. The game also offers updated graphics with better effects to take advantage of modern smartphones with advanced chipsets.

As of now, the name change to New State Mobile will only be reflected on the social media channels and website. The game is still distributed as PUBG New State on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The name change also means that PUBG New State will be less likely to make it to the PC and console platforms, as Krafton insists New State has always been a mobile-centric experience. The PC version recently saw PUBG Battlegrounds become free for all players on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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