Pokemon Go will be colorful again this Holi, but NOT just for India this time! view details

Pokemon Go celebrates Holi around the world with its Festival of Colors global event. Discover what awaits you on this Holi

The month of March has arrived and with it comes the excitement for Holi. And to increase the excitement for all fans of the popular augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go is going to celebrate Holi with its Festival of Colors event. This is the second time that Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, is celebrating the Indian festival. Last year, the Festival of Colors event was held at a regional level, but this time the app is taking the event globally. While the company hasn’t revealed everything about the event, based on the activities planned last year, it should be a fun time to collect Pokemon. The event starts on March 15 and ends on March 20, 2022.

Pokemon Go Festival of Colors event at Holi . to celebrate

In 2021, the in-game regional event for Pokemon Go Festival of Colors witnessed a thematic change in the app during the event period. The Pokemon Go Holi event also had a higher frequency of Pokemon associated with different colors with greater incense appeal. In addition, two new avatar costumes were also released for all trainers during the period.

Pokemon Go also announced two other events last year. One was a series of timed research tasks where players received various rewards for completing the tasks. There was also a joint India Wayfarer Challenge where Pokemon like Smeargle and Murkrow were seen more often.

Similar events can be expected for this year’s Pokemon Go Holi Festival of Colors special event. While not much has been disclosed about the details of what these events would entail, one thing has been confirmed. Like last year, Pokemon attracted to Frankincense will become more common and players will have the chance to catch new Pokemon, including shiny versions. In addition, there will be timed research tasks with more rewards than usual. It will be interesting to see if any other additional events or costumes for the event are announced as well. Niantic has stated that more information will be available soon on all Pokemon Go India social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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