Play Clubhouse Wild Cards coming soon! This function works like an ice breaker

Clubhouse Wild Cards game is probably coming soon. Find out all about this new in-game feature from Clubhouse.

Two years ago, when the pandemic left everyone in their homes isolated due to the lockdown, all forms of communication with others turned into virtual platforms. When looking for new ways to connect with friends and family, people found something new and interesting. This was the social audio app – Clubhouse, which revolves around a dedicated space for users where they can join and start a new room or group where they can talk about almost anything. And now, two years later, Clubhouse has built in several features and is doing its best to keep it as interesting as possible for users. Now it looks like Clubhouse is ready to come out with a spectacular new feature called Wild Cards. TechCrunch reported that Clubhouse Wild Cards game is now being tested for both Android and iPhone users.

As part of the initial launch, an audio chat room app will reportedly be released for the Clubhouse Wild Cards game. According to the report, the game will present a series of questions designed to act as an icebreaker between audio chat room members and help people get to know each other better. This is a great way to open up to those who prefer to keep their mic on mute. In the initial phase, the game will be available in English only.

More about Wild Cards in Clubhouse

This new Clubhouse Wild Cards game will be easy for users. All you need to do to start a game on Clubhouse is to click on the ‘+Rooms’ option. And then select the Games option in it, this will add you to a social room to play the game. To start the game, you can also invite your friends to play with you. Once all your friends are in the room, click “Start Game” to start playing.

Clubhouse has provided TechCrunch with a list of questions to ask during the game. For example, you might be asked to pitch your best idea for a movie or series in a minute, or maybe guess a movie that the whole group will love.

Notably, while the Clubhouse app caused quite a stir at first, other social media platforms quickly took over the main idea of ​​the audio chat room and now the competition is fierce. That’s why Clubhouse is constantly adding new features to make it more interesting for its users, to set itself apart from the crowd of other social media platforms. Recently, Clubhouse added a text chat feature in voting rooms so that people can talk and text at the same time.

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