Nvidia delays RTX 4000 series GPUs – Report

According to several sources, Nivida has internally delayed the first project launch months for the unannounced lineup of RTX 4000 series graphics cards.

Initially reported in early June, WCCFTech suggested that the launches for the RTX 4090, RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 had all been delayed by a month, pushing them to new staggered releases in September, October and November respectively. This has since been confirmed by Videocardz, which claims its own sources have confirmed the same delays.

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Videocardz also claims that a brand new Nvidia GPU was due to launch at the end of May, but that the release has now been moved to an unspecified date. The budget GTX 1630 is reportedly already with board partners and has final packaging designs, but an embargo on the announcement was suddenly changed by Nvidia at the last minute. The reason, according to Videocardz, is due to a shortage of components, although not specific to the GPUs themselves.

These rumors suggest that Nvidia will launch its next-generation GPUs just before AMD plans to release its own new line of hardware, with Radeon RX 7000 series GPUs reportedly slated to launch in the fourth quarter of this year. AMD is introducing its new RDNA 3 architecture with these cards, which should hopefully improve performance on ray-tracing workloads while providing better efficiency than RDNA 2 GPUs (same architecture in both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5) .

Intel also plans to launch its first discrete consumer GPUs later this summer. The Arc 5 and Arc 7 GPUs have been delayed recently, though Intel still expects to start shipping them between July and August this year.

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