No Man’s Sky Leviathan Update Adds Space Whales And A Roguelike Campaign

Time has broken a little in No Man’s Sky’s latest update, Leviathan, and the only way out is to take part in a roguelike-style adventure. The Leviathan Expedition, available today, gives players one life to use when trying to break the loop, with each death resetting the timeline and sending them back to the beginning.

The good news is that the No Man’s Sky community can work together towards an enduring global goal that permanently improves the quality and frequency of upgrade rewards found during each loop, according to developer Hello Games. Completing several objectives will add a majestic space whale to their hangar.

“As players explore the loop, they will recover memory fragments, lost remnants of previous loops. These manifest as procedurally generated technology, meaning each loop reset can be very different,” explains Hello Games on its blog. “The more travelers participate in the study, the stronger the memory fragments become, which translates into better upgrades, more inventory space, and stronger multi-tools and starships.”

The Leviathan Expedition lasts about six weeks, and once it’s over, its progress is turned into a survival mode. If a space whale isn’t rewarded enough, the mission also offers a trio of base decorations, a temporary spaceship track for ships, the Whalestalker cloak, and an organic frigate calf as base decoration.

Everyone deserves a space whale.
Everyone deserves a space whale.


April’s Outlaws update added a criminal underworld to No Man’s Sky, giving players the opportunity to break the law to chase a big payday or tangle with groups of space pirates. A small team at Hello Games is also working on a new project, which CEO Sean Murray described as similar to No Man’s Sky and incredibly ambitious. No Man’s Sky is also coming to Switch and is expected to release in the summer.

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