New State Nickname Change Ticket Rolling Out Now! Know price

PUBG: New State has released the much requested feature Nickname Change Ticket for e-gamers.

PUBG: New State has released the much requested feature Nickname Change Ticket for e-gamers. This allows gamers to change their battle tag/in-game nickname based on their preference. Until now, players were not allowed to change their PUBG New State nickname because there was no way to do this. Since the new feature is rolling out now, gamers can do it. However, it should be noted that changing nicknames is a premium feature that can be purchased with the in-game currency. Krafton announced this development days after some details about the PUBG New State February update were revealed.

PUBG: New State Nickname Change Ticket is available at 900 NC

The PUBG: New State Nickname Change Ticket feature is available in the in-game store at 900 NC (NC is PUBG New State’s in-game premium currency). However, Krafton has not made it clear whether the ticket can be purchased and used multiple times or whether it can be used once. To get this feature, users have to pay in-game currency. Those who do not have enough in-game currency can obtain it through the store by paying a certain amount through one of the available payment options such as debit or credit cards, UPI or Google Play balance on Android.

Meanwhile, Krafton recently announced some graphical upgrades to the Troi map that will reduce eye strain and make it easier to locate enemies at a distance. Although the update is scheduled for February, no details have been announced by the developers yet.

PUBG: New State, one of the most popular battle royale games, continues to introduce exciting features, rewards, cards and captivating gameplay to attract gamers. In their January update, PUBG: New State announced a new BR: Extreme game mode, where 64 players can compete against each other on the 8×8 Troi map. The entire game is limited to 20 minutes and the players are limited to a smaller playing field.

The game also introduced new weapons and improvements to motion animations such as the Parkour Roll.

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