New State Mobile x McLaren event has begun! Know date, rewards, other details

New State Mobile has released a spring update, which includes a partnership with McLaren, a new season, new weapons and much more. Check out the details of the New State Mobile x McLaren event below.

PUBG New State, now known as New State Mobile, has kicked off the spring season with patch 0.9.26, which includes a new season, a partnership with McLaren, and a ton of new content and improvements! Announcing the New State Mobile x McLaren special event, the game said: “We are officially launching the March Update with a special partnership with McLaren 765LT – the latest in a line of the ‘Longtail’ McLarens and the most advanced and engaging LT model ever from McLaren Automotive.”

The New State Mobile x McLaren event started on March 17 and will run until April 14, 2022. By participating in the event, players can earn many rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about the McLaren 765LT partnership!

New State Mobile x McLaren Collaboration Event: Schedule

The event started on March 17, 2022 at 01:00:00 (UTC+0) and will end on April 14, 2022 at 01:00:00 (UTC+0).

New State Mobile x McLaren Collaboration Event: Detail

The time-limited McLAREN 765LT crate contains several in-game custom edition items, including the 765LT car skin in 5 color variations: McLAREN Orange, Luminaire Green, Sunset Orange, Thunderbolt Blue, and New State Special. It may be noted that the LT is available in both Troi and Erangel.

New State Mobile x McLaren Collaboration Event: Reward

You will find 3 free McLAREN 765LT Crate Tickets in your mailbox.

Aside from the event, here’s what the patch brought to the game.

1. New Weapon: MG3

The MG3 is an LMG that uses 7.62mm ammunition and has a magazine capacity of 75 rounds. This weapon will appear in care packs on all maps. It also has a chance to appear in the Weapons Box, which is located in the police station in Chester, Troi. The MG3 has two rates of fire: 660 RPM and 990 RPM. The weapon’s rate of fire is set to 990 RPM by default. When the MG3’s rate of fire is set to 990 RPM, the weapon hands out the most DPS of any weapon in the game.

2. New Weapon Modifications: Vector [C2] Drum Magazine

Using this modification on the Vector attaches a high capacity magazine that can hold 45 rounds to the gun. However, this adjustment will significantly decrease the reload speed, so it will take more time to reload.

mini-14 [C2] Open stock slot

This adjustment opens up the Stock Slot on the Mini-14, allowing for tactical stock mounts that enhance stability and recoil control. However, this adjustment will slightly decrease the ADS speed, so it will take longer to use ADS.

3. Survivor Pass Vol. 5:

This Survivor Pass introduces Cynthia Song of Project Justice. Complete all story missions to get her costumes and character appearance! You can de [Shadow Assassin] costume set by upgrading to the Premium Pass. You can get even better rewards by purchasing the Premium+ Pass. With the level rewards in this Premium Pass, you can get enough NC to buy the next Premium Pass!

4. Story Mission Rewards Updates

You can now preview character appearances you can get by completing story missions in the [Story Mission] screen. You can also zoom in and out to see these character appearances in detail. You can use the . keep pressed [Total Progress Rewards] button for Story Missions to see more information.

5. Lobby Theme Update

It’s spring and the lobby’s theme has been changed! New State Mobile also closes Season 1 and kicks off Season 2 in this patch! When you enter the lobby you will receive a season overview and your rewards for season 1. The levels will also reset for season 2 depending on your last season 1 levels.

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