MLB The Show 22 tips and tricks from the Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty is the card-based mode in MLB The Show 22 where you collect cards and try to build the best baseball team possible. While this mode definitely favors players willing to spend some cash, there are ways to build a top team just by playing the game. Here are a few tips for building your dream team in Diamond Dynasty.

How do you find the best deals on the market?

One of the most important parts of Diamond Dynasty is the marketplace, where other players sell their cards for stubs. While buying card packs is certainly cheaper, you know what you’re getting in the market. It’s important to know how to find a good deal because unless you’re willing to break the bank, you probably won’t spend a few hundred thousand stubs to get a top-notch Mike Trout card. Instead, you want to use the filters to narrow down the options.

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Here you can enter the minimum and maximum player rating and costs, along with positions and other filters. Knowing how many stubs you’re willing to spend, what position you need, and what a good rise in ratings is will help you set the right filters. The best way to maximize your stubs is to make sure you get a significant enough boost in rating. If your third baseman is an 80, it probably isn’t worth picking up another third baseman under 85. Once you’ve set up your filters, look for cheaper players. You don’t have a team full of recognizable superstars, but you have a solid team to keep playing Diamond Dynasty and earn more stubs.

Always choose Sell Now over Sell Fast

Diamond Dynasty is all about opening card packs and adding the best players you can get to your roster. This also means that you get a lot of cards for players you don’t need or who have better players in that position. As MLB The Show 22 is about to launch, many cards have two options for selling the card, Sell Now or Sell Soon. The Sell Now option means that there is someone in the market willing to pick up the card and the number of stubs you will receive is higher than the Sell Now option. The advantage of Quick Sell is that the option is always available, but take the better price whenever possible.

Know the overall rating of your players

To create the best possible Diamond Dynasty team, you need to open a lot of player packs and look at a lot of cards. To save yourself some time and headaches, it’s a good idea to have a general idea of ​​your squad’s player rating. If you know offhand that every pitcher in your rotation has a rating of more than 70, you don’t have to bother checking the stats of a starting pitcher card you just got that is rated 65. While the exact stats matter as you reach the higher ratings, when you’re just starting out, you’ll almost always be better off with the higher rated player.

Check out Mini Seasons, but don’t expect it to be easy

One of the best ways to earn Stubs quickly is to win some Mini Seasons, where your Diamond Dynasty team competes against a number of teams in a Mini Season. You play short three-inning games in a shortened season, allowing you to progress through programs and earn Stubs quickly. This is also one of the least complicated Diamond Dynasty single-player modes, just like regular baseball, but shorter. The only downside to jumping into this mode with your fresh team is that the other teams will have better players. Unless you’re in the mood to grab your wallet, pick out some Stubs.

Check out showdown mode for a boost in Stubs

Showdown mode is another way to collect some stubs and use some of the better player cards in the game without actually having them. Each Showdown has a series of challenges that you must complete before competing in a final Showdown. Players assemble a team to start and earn bonus cards and benefits when they successfully complete a challenge. The only downside to Showdown is that there is an entrance fee to start one and if you do it bad enough you can come down the other side.

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