Microsoft Announces Major Changes to Halo Infinite’s Microtransaction System

In addition to a patch that will address Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle issues next week, developer 343 Industries is planning a major update to the game’s microtransaction store — and the content will get cheaper.

Starting next Tuesday, January 18, the renewal of the microtransaction store, players will see some notable changes. Jerry Hook, head of design at 343, said the overall goal is to lower prices across the board, and 343 will conduct regular tests to find what works best.

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“Since launch, we’ve been closely monitoring discussions about the store, bundles and pricing. Using data and community feedback, we’re going to make changes to the way we package and price items in Infinite – and it all starts next week,” Hook said on Twitter:. “Starting Tuesday, the shopping experience will vary from week to week. We are focused on lowering prices across the board, providing stronger values ​​in our bundles, starting to place individual items outside of bundles, and more.”

“We will try new things for the rest of the season so we can continue to learn and improve for the future. Please keep the feedback in this process…”

Halo Infinite is a free to play game and relies on microtransaction items to earn money. Players have expressed concerns about the price points for certain items, such as the recent Mister Chief pack. It remains to be seen what the new prizes will be and how the perceived value will be accepted – or not – by fans.

Keep checking back Tuesday with Sirbpti for the latest when the new store refresh takes place.

January 18 also marks the start of Halo Infinite’s next multiplayer event: Cyber ​​Showdown. During the event, players will be able to unlock new cosmetic content, including a neon-colored holographic Mohawk.

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