Lost Ark beats Counter Strike, 2nd only to PUBG in the list of most played games in Steam history

Amazon Games’ Lost Ark secured a huge player base. Now it is the second most played game after PUBG.

Lost Ark, the online action game from Amazon Games, has surpassed 1 million concurrent players, making it the second most played game in Steam history by concurrent counts. This is largely due to a partnership between Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG to localize and translate Lost Ark and make it available in English. Lost Ark was recently released in the West on February 11th and within 24 hours it has registered a huge player base. It has now surpassed both Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, which have long dominated the top of Steam’s most-played games list.

Lost Ark’s player count has continued to rise, with the game’s concurrent player peak now at around 1,325,302. This surpasses Counter Strike: Global Offensive high of 1,308,963 and ranks it as the second most popular Steam game of all time after PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Lost Ark is set to break the record of 361,669 concurrent players set by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in 2018. Until then, Lost Ark can enjoy being the second most played game on the concurrent list. Obviously, looking at the huge gap between the top two games, it can be assumed that it will be some sort of impossible mission to surpass PUBG’s all-time high player base.

About Lost Ark

Lost Ark is Amazon Games’ second big hit, after New World, which set a simultaneous record of 913,634 players four months ago. Lost Ark was first released in South Korea in 2019 and has since had millions of active players in the country as well as Russia and Japan. The game is available now on PC via Steam and is completely free to play, but there are some in-game purchases.

How Lost Ark Is Luring a Huge Game Fan

Several reasons are likely to contribute to the Lost Ark’s massive success. One of the reasons players enjoy the Lost Ark is because it has a lot of exciting parts and it doesn’t slow the player down with unnecessary menus or other elements that often scare newcomers to MMOs (massively multiplayer online games). In addition, the writing of the game has received good response. In addition, the game’s seven continents offer gamers a wide variety of cultures and characters to interact with.

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