Krafton takes Free Fire to court in shocking development

Last month, PUBG developer Krafton filed a lawsuit against Garena Free Fire. Today, Free Fire is banned in India and it has also been removed from the app stores.

In particular, the Garena Free Fire banned order from the Indian government is a shock to gamers. Garena Free Fire ban means it will be removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store as well. Yes, it’s official, Garena Free Fire is no longer in India! The Indian government has banned the battle royale game Free Fire, citing national security concerns. Not only this, but 54 Chinese apps have been banned by India, including Free Fire today. Because of this massive ban on Chinese apps, gamers can’t play it on Android phones or iPhones. This development comes in particular after PUBG developer Krafton Garena sued Free Fire and made some serious allegations. Battle Royale games competitor, PUBG developer Krafton, had already made certain moves against Garena Free Fire. Last month, Krafton filed a lawsuit against Garena Free Fire in court. The case was also against Apple and Google for distributing Garena’s games through their app stores. This is what had happened.

PUBG Developer’s Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire

Reason why Garena Free Fire came under fire from Krafton was really serious. PUBG creator Krafton said Garena Free Fire was a “blatant” copy of PUBG: Battlegrounds and that it was used without paying a license fee. Garena was accused of copying the early game’s ‘air drop’ feature, structure, selection of weapons, maps, and overall feel of the game. Well, the PUBG vs Garena Free Fire lawsuit was not only against Garena, it also landed Apple, Google and YouTube for distributing Free Fire on the App Store and Play Store respectively and making huge amounts of money.

The lawsuit mentions Garena’s two games, one is Free Fire which launched in 2017, and the second is Free Fire Max, which hit gamers’ screens in September 2021. Surprisingly, both games were accused of being the copy of Krafton’s PUBG and the Indian version BGMI. But the recent ban only mentioned Garena Free Fire. Garena Free Fire Max is available on Google’s Play Store, raising questions about the reasons for the ban.

Significantly, the timing of the decision to ban Garena Free Fire is confusing gamers. Both the Play Store and the App Store removed Garena Free Fire on Sunday and the next day, on Monday, the Indian government lifted the ban on 54 Chinese apps, including Garena Free Fire. So far there has been no response from any company be it Garena Free Fire, PUBG, Apple or Google to clarify the issue.

It’s also unclear what became of the Garena Free Fire vs PUBG copyright issue. Well, the only news for Garena Free Fire fans is that they can still play the game if they already have it on their smartphone, or they can try the Garena Free Fire Max game on Android smartphones. However, they will soon be unavailable as this is exactly what happened when PUBG Mobile India was banned by the government.

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