Is your Wordle answer different from others? Know what NYT just did and how to fix it

Many players have complained in recent days that their Wordle answer is different from the rest. Why is the NYT doing it and what can you do to fix it? Find out.

In recent days, many regular players of the game have complained to social media about receiving a different Wordle response compared to the majority. The most recent culprit in this was Wordle 324 on Monday, where players were greeted with one of two different answers to the puzzle, causing confusion. It led to the New York Times issuing a statement explaining the reason behind this chaos and apologizing for it. The NYT also shared a tip that could potentially prevent this outage from happening to users. So, what’s behind the mystery of multiple Wordle replies in the same day and how do you solve it? Read on to find out.

Ever since the game was bought by the NYT, the publication has been pretty hands-on with the game’s answer list. There were six different instances in the past where it took one word out and replaced it with another. But why is the American publishing house doing it? It seems that the reason for removing certain words has to do with certain connotations around the word or because the word plays a role in real world conflicts. For example, the word SLAVE has been removed from the game due to the word’s racist connotation associated with the African American citizens of the US.

As NYT changes Wordle’s answer, Twitter erupts into chaos

On Monday, another word was taken out of the game. The word in this case was FETUS, and given the circumstances in the US surrounding abortion laws, the word was deemed too controversial to stay in play, although the timing of the word’s appearance was purely coincidental. The Wordle answer was replaced with SHINE, but not everyone got the new answer. And this is where the confusion started.

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Paige, a Twitter user, wrote: “I HAVE HAD A DIFFERENT WORD THAN EVERYONE TWO DAYS IN A ROW. @nytimes THIS IS NO MORE FUNNY.” Another user tweeted, “It seems to be two different words today. Same time zone, different result as another”.

Later, the NYT released a statement explaining why the word was used, apologizing for the inconvenience and explaining how players can avoid different Wordle answers in the future.

The decision to remove the word stated: “At the New York Times Games, we take our role as a place to entertain and escape seriously, and we want Wordle to stand out from the news”. But even when the word was drawn, some players ended up with the original answer. This happened because Wordle is a browser based game and if a user has not updated their browser they will not get the newer version of the puzzle.

NYT Tells How To Avoid Different Wordle Answers

It revealed how to keep abreast of NYT changes in the game, saying “You will not receive the outdated version if you refresh your browser window”. For those of you who don’t know how to refresh your browser window, all you need to do is close the Wordle tab after playing the game and reload it from scratch to see the new changes. If you keep the tab open and never close it, you will see the older answer, which will be different from others. You can also use a shortcut: press CTRL+F5 at the same time. Or even go to Settings and delete the cache. This is a big deal and it will affect other pages as well, so you have to be careful before using it.

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“We are now innovating Wordle’s technology so that everyone always gets the same word. We are committed to ensuring that tens of millions of people have a satisfying and consistent experience every day,” added NYT.

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