Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Details About New Character Collei; see what to expect

Genshin Impact leaks provide more details about the new and upcoming character Collei. Know who she is and what she can do.

Genshin Impact Leak: Genshin Impact is a visually captivating game that has quickly become one of the best mobile games of all time. The game features an open world setting in an action-adventure genre and a storyline that will keep the players hooked for hours. The game has also expanded its list of playable characters in recent times. In the past year, every time Genshin Impact released an update, we saw a new character being introduced. And now an online leak is revealing information about a new character that will be joining the game. The character’s name is Collei. Look what she’s talking about.

The rumors come from an old Genshin Impact leaker who uses the username SaveYourPrimos on Twitter. The leaker has revealed that Collei is a hydro user. A hydro user is someone who can control the element of water in the game and his special powers are built around water. Genshin Impact has seven elements: Pyro, hydro, dendro, electro, anemo, cryo and geo.

Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Details About New Collei . Character

Collei has already been introduced to the game universe through the Genshin Impact manga, as she was the protagonist in one of the stories. And it looks like she’ll finally be joining the game verse too. One of the most interesting things about Collei is that she can master elemental powers without having an elemental vision. This is a rare phenomenon and it will be interesting to see how her powers turn out. The Genshin Impact leak also shows why she has no vision.

The leaker speculates in his tweet: “Collei was a subject of Archon Residue research and has already been shown to have strong powers associated with the experiments (without vision). If she could learn how to use her sealed Archon powers she may not need Vision at all.”

According to the tradition of Genshin Impact, Collei was born with an illness and out of desperation her parents gave her to Fatui, a delegation of diplomats. Instead of saving her, Fatui turned her into an Archon Residue experiment.

Another information from the Genshin Impact leak is that a new great nation may be added to the game soon. This is assumed based on the number of new characters being released. It is said that the origin of Collei and other characters could be associated with a new nation.

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