Garena Free Fire Scam Alert! Getting free or cheap in-game diamonds? Beware of this fraud

Garena Free Fire players should be alert to the scams that offer free or cheap in-game items like diamonds. Here’s how to avoid them.

Garena Free Fire players should be aware of in-game items such as characters, skins, weapons and diamonds, which they can claim by paying money or by offers from the game makers. But there are cases where you are offered free or cheap diamonds by some friends or by participants of online message boards. You should be aware that this may be a scam and you will be targeted by scammers through such offers.

According to the information on the Free Fire support page, some online resources will direct you to YouTube videos that promise you free in-game diamonds. However, if someone offers you free diamonds or other in-game items, you’re likely the target of a scammer who wants to access your game account and your credit card or use your device remotely, the page said.

To avoid such Garena Free Fire scams, avoid clicking on links sent to you from unknown sources as you may be fooled. Here’s what you can do to avoid such scams:

1. Ignore offers that seem too good to be true: To avoid in-game currency scams, ignore the offers that seem too good to be real. If someone you meet online promises to give you free in-game currency, but also asks you to click on a link or visit an external website to get it? Ignore that offer.

2. Don’t click on links from websites you don’t know: If someone asks you to visit a specific website to access free in-game diamonds, don’t do it. Visiting such links can fill your device with malware.

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3. Don’t Share Your Financial Information: Never share your financial information with anyone. If someone asks for your game account credentials, don’t give them. The person can access your credit card or other financial information.

How to get in-game items for free or at a discount

You can get free or discounted rewards and in-game items by participating in various Free Fire events. Garena Free Fire continues to organize events for that purpose. Here’s how to get Garena Free Fire items for free:

1. Increase your account to receive free characters. Some characters can also be bought with gold from the store.

2. You can complete Free Fire Pass missions and earn badges to get free rewards.

3. Participate in Garena Free Fire limited-time in-game events to get free rewards (collectibles, weapon skins, mode, characters, etc.). The game continues to host login events, daily events, special modes events, token exchange events, among others.

4. You can redeem Free Fire promo codes to use the rewards.

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