Emergency meeting! PUBG New State’s next collaboration is among us

Impostors and crewmen are on their way to Troi as Krafton Inc. announced a partnership with Innersloth, which will see the worlds of Among Us and PUBG: New State collide for a limited time.

The limited-time event kicks off in PUBG: New State on April 21 and will run through May 19. The biggest addition to the game during that time is a new Among Us-esque mini-game, one that squads of four can play on the starting island while waiting for a match on the Troi map. One of the four squad members is designated as the imposter and the other three must avoid being killed before the actual PUBG match begins.

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The game will also feature a special set of missions, allowing players to earn icons, titles, and frames under our theme. Players can also purchase special crates of clothing and other items based on the popular social deduction game in the in-game store.

A few areas of the map, most notably the starting island, Chester and Anchorville, will be adorned with decorations and props among us, although these items cannot be used as weapons during a match.

PUBG: New State is a unique and futuristic take on PUBG, featuring unique maps, locations, weapons and more. It is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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