Download centrally! Run Sausage Run downloads at 150 mn, Phone Case DIY 145 mn, Tie Dye 140 mn!

CrazyLabs, developer of mobile games such as Run Sausage Run, Phone Case DIY and Tie Dye, has reached 5 billion downloads.

The famous casual and hyper-casual game developer CrazyLabs has reached a new milestone: it has crossed the 5 billion mobile download mark. The company is behind a number of popular titles such as Run Sausage Run, Phone Case DIY, Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir, Tie Dye and Super Stylist. Of the 5 billion downloads, CrazyLabs itself witnessed 1.2 billion mobile downloads in 2021. The company claims to have over 200 million unique monthly users.

CrazyLabs (formerly TabTale) was founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel by Sagi Schliesser. The company focuses on making games in the casual and hyper-casual category. Casual and hyper casual games require less interaction with the gamer to function. These games are characterized by an easy-to-play character and infinite looping mechanics. Schliesser mentions in his LinkedIn profile that CrazyLabs has grown by 50% YoY thanks to strong data analytics and data science.

CrazyLabs: Journey to 5 Billion

CrazyLabs is part of one of the best mobile game developers, with many of its game titles reaching over 100 million downloads. The developer’s most popular title is Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir, which has 160 million downloads. Other well-known titles include Run Sausage Run with 150 million downloads, Phone Case DIY with 145 million downloads, Tie Dye with 140 million downloads, Super Stylist with 100 million downloads.

CrazyLabs has also revealed the lineup for 2022, which includes two interesting games. The first is Once Upon A Match, a fairytale Match-3 puzzle adventure game. The second is Ladybug Bubble Shooter which is a sequel to the popular Miraculous Ladybug game and offers new gameplay.

CrazyLabs has announced that its hyper-casual lab has received more than 12,000 concepts, pitches and prototypes by 2021. It also tested more than 2,500 games while working with 500 studios and indie teams

“With over 5 billion downloads, CrazyLabs offers its 200+ million monthly active users exactly what they’re looking for: fun, free-to-play casual and hyper-casual games that are constantly upgraded with fresh new content. We offer players the largest and most popular variety of mobile games, and in 2022 this variety will grow even more with our new Puzzle RPG games,” said Schliesser.

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