China’s Tencent Launches Flagship Game ‘Honor of Kings’ Worldwide

China’s Tencent Holdings said on Wednesday it will release its flagship mobile game “Honor of Kings” worldwide

China’s Tencent Holdings said on Wednesday it will release its flagship mobile game “Honor of Kings” globally by the end of the year as the domestic internet giant moves into the international gaming market.

Played primarily in China, the Shenzhen-based company’s multiplayer action game has consistently been the most profitable, according to data firm Sensor Tower, raking in $10 billion in revenue between its launch in 2015 and last September.

Tencent’s international launch of its most profitable game reflects the company’s focus on global expansion, as the domestic market has become fiercely competitive and bruised by regulatory crackdown.

The Chinese gaming regulator has not granted new gaming licenses to Tencent in China since June last year. The latest batch of 60 game licenses issued Tuesday did not include Tencent, the world’s largest gaming company.

Tencent reported in May that domestic sales were down 1% in the first quarter, while international sales were up 4%.

“Honor of Kings”, which has more than 95% of its users in China, was the top-grossing game in the world in April with more than $274 million in player spend, up 6.2% from a year earlier. according to Sensor Tower.

The company had launched an international adaptation of “Honor of Kings” in 2016 called “Arena of Valor” which was not a huge success, but this time it will release the same game played in China.

The international version will be launched under the new Singapore-based brand Level Infinite, which was founded last year to help Tencent release games outside of China.

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