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Wordle 244 Answer for Feb 18, 2022: Having trouble guessing the right word on Wordle today? Check out these Wordle hints and directions and try again.

Wordle 244 Answer for Feb 18, 2022: Wordle has become one of the biggest internet sensations overnight. The game started in November 2021 with only 90 players and currently more than 5 million players play every day. Due to the popularity of the game, even others tried to emulate the model, such as Absurdle, Quordle and even Lordle of the Rings (based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy). The New York Times has the and it tends to throw a curveball, or the googly, ordoosra, if you prefer a cricket analogy, every now and then to confuse players. So if you’re also stuck guessing the right solution to today’s Wordle puzzle, don’t worry, we’ve added some Wordle puzzle hints and clues to help you guess the right word. And if you’ve unfortunately exhausted all your guesses and can’t find the word, you can still check out Wordle’s answer 244 today.

For new players who want to play the Wordle game, the rules are quite simple. You have six chances to guess the correct five-letter word. Whenever you guess an alphabet that is also in the correct place in the word, you get a green color mark. If you guessed an alphabet that is in the solution, but in the wrong position, you get a yellow color mark. And all alphabets that are not in the word will be highlighted in black. The object of the game is to guess the correct word using these hints in as few attempts as possible. But sometimes we just don’t notice the right word, and for that we’ve given you some world clues and hints. Check them out.

Wordle 244 clues and hints for February 18, 2022

This is a spoiler free zone. So do not worry. In this section, we won’t reveal the answer and ruin the game for you. Here we give Wordle 244 clues and hints for February 18th. If you want the Wordle 244 answer by February 18, 2022, skip to the next section. Okay, now that we’ve clarified, here are your hints.

Wordle hint for today

1. Today’s Wordle puzzle has two vowels.

2. The word ends with the vowel E.

3. The word contains a double letter. In other words, there is a repetition of the alphabet in the word.

4. The second vowel in the word is O.

5. The word can be used to describe a quick movement to escape from something.

That is it. All the best for today’s Wordle. I hope these hints help you get to your Wordle answer faster. If you are looking for the current Wordle solution, check it out below.

Wordle 244 Reply before February 18, 2022

If you’re still reading this, it seems like you want the answer to the Wordle puzzle today. If you’ve exhausted all your guesses and still haven’t been able to figure out the answer, no problem. Let us tell you what the right word is. Stop reading here if you don’t want spoilers.

The answer to Wordle 244 is DODGE.

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