Check out the Top 5 Weapons That Will Definitely Get You Chicken Dinner

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Rank pushing is quite challenging. So, to get ahead, check out the top 5 weapons the game has to offer.

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI is a highly competitive game where the end goal is to climb the ladder as high as possible. The easiest way to the top, of course, is to win as many games as possible. However, that is easier said than done. As you move up the rankings, you will encounter more experienced players and the game will become extremely difficult. And since every battle is crucial, it’s important to have a solid strategy and reliable weapons. While strategy is something you develop over time by playing more and more, you can benefit from knowing the right weapons from the get-go to get an appropriate BGMI rank push. And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best weapons in the game that will give you a chicken dinner and a comfortable BGMI rank push.

In BGMI, weapons play an important role in the game. With many variables such as rate of fire, damage, accuracy, recoil and ammo capacity, it is important to know which options will guarantee the best results in a BGMI competitive game. After all, you don’t want to run into someone with a Groza with a P90 in your hands. So check out the best weapons that you need to collect early in the game to survive.

Battlegrounds Mobile India top 5 weapons

1. M416 rifle

The M416 rifle is the most reliable assault rifle (AR) in the game. With a rate of fire of 660, it is only behind Groza, FAMAS and G36C. And by combining that with the second-lowest recoil rate (after AUG A3) and fast reloading, it’s a must-have for any player, beginner or veteran. The pistol is best used in medium to close range combat and fits in almost all AR attachments in the game.

2. Groza

This is a drop-exclusive weapon, but once you get your hands on it, it could be the best game you’ve ever played. The gun uses 7.62mm ammunition and has a base damage of 49HP, making it one of the deadliest weapons outside of a grenade and sniper rifle. Its rate of fire is 750, the highest in the game and while it comes with a light recoil, there is no better alternative to this weapon in medium to close range combat.


Some might say it’s a rather unconventional pick, but with one of the lowest recoil and a base damage of 51HP, you can’t go wrong. Accuracy is the best virtue of this weapon and as such it is the best weapon in close range combat.

4. M24

One of the best non-drop exclusive weapons in the game if you want to focus on a sniping game. Its only use case is long range attacks and it requires your aim to be a little good, but as long as you’re okay with it this gun can be the difference between piling up a high Kill/Death ratio and climbing the ladder. The pistol has a base damage of 79HP, which is the second highest after AWM, another drop-exclusive pistol. You can easily climb a high hill or a building, lie down and shoot your enemies without them ever knowing.

5. Uzi

The gun’s new update, which brushed up its magazine capacity to 35 bullets, helped make this gun on our list. A submachine gun or SMG, Uzi doesn’t have a high firepower, but it has the fastest fire rate of 1,200 in the game, which is unreal for close combat. You can take out an entire team if you use it correctly.

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