BGMI ban in India last week on nearly 50,000 accounts; check list of accounts

Battlegrounds Mobile India has tightened the rules against cheating. In its latest crackdown, the BGMI ban in India has hit 48,847 accounts.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has always been strict on cheaters! And now we have demonstrated the same again as BGMI banned 48,847 accounts in the past week. The BGMI ban in India has been imposed on players who cheat and download the game from unofficial channels or have illegal utilities on their devices. Not just this one, but from January 3-9, BGMI had banned thousands of accounts for the same reason. The bans were not temporary, BGMI has announced that these accounts will be permanently removed.

BGMI made the latest announcement on the matter, stating that 48,847 accounts were permanently banned from January 10 to January 16. In addition, BGMI developer Krafton has also shared the full list of cheaters who have tried to use other tactics to win the game. “Battlegrounds Mobile India will strive to impose strict sanctions with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs to provide you with a pleasant gaming environment,” Krafton said in the statement. View the list of BGMI bans here.

BGMI recently released a new update for its players with some new features. New ranked and unranked match segregation, a new Livik Aftermath map, weapon upgrades and more are all included in the 1.8.0 January release. A new measure has also been introduced as part of the new upgrade to combat cheating in BGMI.

Anti-Cheating Measures in New BGMI Update

With the new update, there is a penalty on a player’s ‘merit’ score, which will be deducted for malicious behavior. For example, if a player tries to knock out a team or indulge in offensive chat, it will result in the loss of merit points. While deducted merit levels can be recovered based on play time and contribution, and players who maintain high earning levels will receive incentives. Furthermore, the reception and the result of reporting cheats have been improved to give the players more information. So beware before you start thinking about cheating or using unofficial tricks to win the game!

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