Best Features of New Aftermath map in Battlegrounds Mobile India, Rivals Garena Free Fire

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) released the new Aftermath mode map in the 1.8 update which includes zipline and riot shield similar to what is on Garena Free Fire

Battlegrounds Mobile India released the BGMI update 1.8 in January. And one of the most exciting additions of the update was the new Aftermath mode map. The map is a redesign of the Litvik map and is a similar size, but now equipped with several new features that add more value to the gaming experience and offer different elements to the classic BGMI experience. Moreover? Some of the features on this BGMI map like zipline and riot shield are similar to the Garena Free Fire zipline and gloo wall and now fans of both games can enjoy these features in one of the best mobile games in Battle Royale- style of india.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Update 1.8 came on January 15 and introduced the Spider-Man event and added the Aftermath map which offers a futuristic look and an unranked mode to protect the player’s position while keeping them as much as they can. want to be able to enjoy the new card. This has also become a testing ground for new skill moves and team strategies that players can use later in ranked mode to climb the ladder. So let’s take a look at the best features on the Aftermath card.

Best Features in BGMI Aftermath Map

1. Unranked Matches

Unranked matches were advertised in Battleground Mobile India 1.5 update, but the maps were not playable. With the BGMI 1.8 update, players can finally see cards being separated into ranked and unranked decks. Unranked games, as the name suggests, does not affect player rankings and allows for a smoother and more aggressive game, which makes for more fun. The Aftermath map allows players to test new skills and enjoy this beautifully designed map.

2. Master weapons better with AC core

Based on a futuristic setting, Aftermath also comes with new technologies to help players in combat situations. All firearms in this mode are equipped with an AC core module that not only reduces recoil but also provides better aiming assistance.

3. Zipline and riot shield are reminiscent of Garena Free Fire

Fans of both games will recognize the similarities in the Aftermath game, as the map now includes zipline and riot shields. Ziplines connect two nearby points via a steel roller and a handle to quickly move from one point to another. Riot shields are very similar to gloo walls in Garena Free Fire and can be used to create a temporary layer of protection against enemy attack.

4. BGMI Tactical Goggles

This is a much requested feature from BGMI fans. Tactical goggles reveal the enemy’s damage status and let the player adjust the strategy to save ammunition and the best way to eliminate them. The Aftermath map is available until February 14, and if you haven’t played this mode yet, you should do it now. Make sure to try out all of these features to get the most out of the game.

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