Awesome Minecraft update rolled out for gamers; How to use the ‘placefeature’ command

New Minecraft update adds much-needed command ‘placefeature’ that allows users to place ‘features’ in the world

On January 19, details about a new Minecraft update were posted on the official website. Also known as Snapshots or a test version of the game, this will be the first update to be released in 2022 and will be called 22W03A. While the update largely focuses on bug fixes, game mechanic changes, and other minor tweaks, the biggest feature coming from the update is a new Minecraft command. You will love this new feature as it can change the game by quite a margin. This function is called ‘place function’ and although it is a fairly simple name, it does what the name suggests.

For the first time in Minecraft history, players can now “place” configured “features” in a desired location in the world. Features are all in-game items used in the world generation. These features can be anything from trees and blocks to complex elements such as lava lakes, monster chambers, and End Islands. So now, instead of placing blocks individually to build a world, players can just use these features and not only save time, but also improve the overall aesthetics of scenarios.

What’s in the new Minecraft update

Adrian Ostergård, a product owner at Minecraft, revealed the update and its details, writing in the post, “This snapshot contains changes to the world seed input and adds a new placefeature command. In addition, it also fixes some bugs.” While bug fixes are pretty routine and there’s nothing noteworthy to report, there’s the much-discussed new Minecraft command.

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Minecraft’s ‘placefeature’ command comes as a creative tool that can be used in a variety of ways to create custom regions and worlds. However, there are some limitations to its use. While most of the game’s configured features should work with this command, structures, creatures, and NPCs won’t work. That said, let’s take a look at how to use this new command.

How to use the Minecraft placefeature command

The Minecraft command works just like any other command in the game. Players on Minecraft can use the chat and type ‘/’ to open the list of all commands, which they can select individually. Shelfmark will be added to this list. But it requires two variables to function. First, players must of the function or select it from the menu, and then they should add the . use [pos] or position variable to mark the coordinates where the object will be placed. Using “~~~” will place the function on the player’s coordinates. The new Minecraft update is expected to be a very popular addition to the game.

The Minecraft update is currently available to all users of the Java edition. An official release for all users should be in a few weeks

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