Awesome! Apple beats Microsoft, Nintendo in gaming

Apple has beaten both Microsoft and Nintendo to become third in the list in terms of game revenue by 2021. Tencent and Sony are in first and second place, respectively.

Apple ranks third in gaming revenues of global public companies by surpassing Microsoft and Nintendo. The first and second spots are taken by Tencent, the Chinese company that owns titles such as “League of Legends” and “PUBG Mobile” and Sony respectively. The Cupertino-based tech giant is estimated to bring in $15.3 billion in games revenue by 2021. “Mobile games market grew +12.5% ​​yoy in 2021. Of course, this increase also helped mobile’s two largest platform holders grow their games revenue for 2021, +17.7% yoy for #3 Apple and +20.8% for #5 Google,” reports NewZoo.

Both Google and Apple are the largest platform holders for mobile gaming. While Apple has its own gaming service, most of its gaming revenue comes from third-party games available on the App Store. Both companies take between 15% and 30% off all games purchased through their respective app stores.

Ringside Tencent earned $32.2 billion in 2021, up 9.9% from the previous year, while Sony is in second place with $18.2 billion in revenue, down nearly 2.3% on an annual basis. The report further shared that Sony and Nintendo did not see as much growth as expected due to pandemic-induced delays on consoles. Also Read: Top 5 iPhone Games: Own an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13? Then play these great free games

On the other hand, Microsoft experienced healthy growth of +9.6% year over year thanks to its Xbox Game Pass subscription. Xbox Game Pass recently passed the 25 million subscriber mark. Meanwhile, Sea Limited, which took 10th place on the list, saw triple-digit year-over-year growth thanks to its battle royale title Free Fire. Also Read: Microsoft Flight Stimulator Goes “Top Gun” Like Tom Cruise! That too FREE!

While Apple doesn’t break down revenue share into individual app categories, gaming is known to be a huge revenue source for the company’s Services segment.

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