Apex Legends Mobile has TOP 5 weapons you must try! Check out this AMAZING guide

Apex Legends Mobile: Wondering what the best weapons in the game are to guide you to victory? Wonder no more. Check out the full list of top 5 best weapons including R-301 Carbine, VK-47 Flatline, G7 Scout and more.

Apex Legends Mobile, the handheld version of the popular online multiplayer battle royale game, was launched just a few days ago. With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone, the game has become hugely popular. For a battle royale focused game, more players is always nice. However, it also means more competition. Even though these are the early days of the game, it’s important to take advantage of the fact that everyone has the same skill level and climb the rankings quickly. And to help you progress through the game, we’ve put together a list of the best weapons in the game that will make sure you always win. The list includes R-301 Carbine, VK-47 Flatline, G7 Scout and more. Check out the list below. Also read: Apex Legends Mobile First Impressions: Time To Dump Garena Free Fire Max, BGMI

1. R-301 carbine

This gun is a staple in the console version and after playing around with it a bit, it is certainly a very good option in the mobile version as well. You will struggle to find a weapon that is better for medium range combat. The R-301 is an assault rifle with a magazine capacity of 18 (expandable to 28 with Epic magazine). The biggest advantage of this pistol is its versatility. While it’s a killer at medium range, it’s also effective at long range, although you’ll need an iron sights or rifle scope.

2. VK-47 Flatline

Another assault rifle makes it onto our Apex Legends Mobile best weapons list. The VK-47 Flatline has the highest damage per shot of any assault rifle in the game. As a drawback, it has a slow firing rate, so if you rely more on hip fire, this gun may not be ideal for you. But if you spent time perfecting your aim, this gun will save your life. Especially given the predictable recoil, it doesn’t take long to get used to the weapon.

3. G7 Scout

If your playing style is sniper shooter then you will fall in love with this gun. The G7 Scout is a semi-automatic sniper weapon that can be used in medium and long range combat. We won’t recommend this weapon for medium-range combat, however, as automatic weapons can easily overpower it. This gun is only recommended for players who have some experience in shooting games and have a good aim because this gun requires a higher skill level.

4. Peacekeeper

For those of you who are surprised that we added a shotgun to the list, just wait and see. Remember that Apex Legends is not a BGMI and a shotgun in this game is actually very effective at close range. The Peacekeeper has a ridiculously high damage rate and you can kill players with good aim in one shot. Especially if you use this weapon in lobbies, you are quite invincible. But remember that the gun has a long reload time and if you are not careful with the aim you will be punished.

5. Volt

We couldn’t finish the list without a submachine gun, and Volt’s unusual energy makes it a great choice for weapons, whether medium or long range. In remote combat, this is the only weapon that can take on the R-301. Added with a high rate of fire and minimal recoil, it’s the perfect choice if you’re new to the game. So these were our top 5 best weapons for Apex Legends Mobile.

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