Apex Legends Mobile First Impressions: Time To Dump Garena Free Fire Max, BGMI

Apex Legends Mobile is available today for players on Android and iOS. The game is based on Apex Legends on PC and console. Here are all the details.

Apex Legends Mobile is finally here! After months of waiting, the mobile port of the popular Battle Royale game on PC and console is here, and it looks like it’s off to a good start. Developers by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios and Respawn Entertainment, the game offers the same basic experience as the Apex Legends title on PC, but with all the optimizations to make it “mobile-friendly”. And now that it’s here and ready to download, let’s give it a try and here’s everything we’ve found about it so far.

Apex Legends Mobile joins the ranks of BGMI, Garena Free Fire Max, New State Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile as a free online multiplayer game. It is exactly a replica of the 2019 release Apex Legends on PC, but with all the modes you must have seen on the PC version. Apart from the Battle Royale mode, the game also offers TDM mode and 3v3 Arena mode along with most of the Legends and weapons.

We tried the game on Android on a Xiaomi 12 Pro and on iOS with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The early release of the game leaves room for refinement, which is why you may not have the most polished of experiences.

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay: What’s Different?

As someone who doesn’t have much experience with the PC version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile comes across as a completely refreshing take on the usual battle royale games that have served us for years. The underlying concept is the same: you take part in a multiplayer match where your squad has to be the last one standing. And to do that, you have weapons at your disposal along with the Legends (the characters) and their special abilities. These legends include Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Octane, Bangalore, Caustic, Mirage, Pathfinder, and fade. You may need some time to learn the terminologies, but the core concept remains the same.

Once you join a squad for the battle royale match, your duty remains the same: stay in the ring and as it gets smaller, the fight gets tighter. While this is happening, watch out for yourself and your squamates. Depending on the character phone, you can fight your way to victory or help your team come along. You pick up weapons in the building or from crates, and if you take out an enemy, you can help yourself with their equipment.

In addition, Apex Legends Mobile also lets you choose your POV – you can either have the correct First Person View or Third-person view. The Third person view is easier on the yes, but takes the fin off the game; it is the FPP mode that provides the most thrill.

During combat, it’s easy to switch weapons and even tuck them away for faster sprints. Spot and enemy and you have to aim and hit them – if the hit is successful you score points. If you die in BR mode, you will have to wait for your squamate to revive, who will need to collect your tag and reach the nearest respawn point. When logging out or the first time there is a tutorial to explain everything.

Health is protected by a shield, which must be boosted after getting enemy hits. When the shield is down, you must run for your life. You can have med kits to replenish yourself, or recharge the health shield. Some Legends can also summon Care Packs to gain their own protection.

The battles are easy and believable, with some of the familiar Apex Legends moves. From sniper rifles to laser rifles, there’s a lot to play with. You can’t move around the maps in vehicles, unlike some other BR games – you’re left with foot movements.

Now there is a TDM mode and a 3V3 mode, both of which are currently out of range – they will be unlocked after reaching a certain level. There is a Free Practice mode to hone your skills and get used to the game.

When you’re not playing, you can get various custom skins and weapons to enhance your experience. A Battle Pass is also available that players can invest in to earn additional rewards.

Apex Legends Mobile Graphics: Is It Console Quality?

uh no! But it is comparable to Call of Duty: Mobile, which has the most beautiful view of all mobile multiplayer games. On high-end smartphones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Xiaomi 12 Pro, the game looks great, especially with its colorful worlds and great special effects.

New players will find the abundant use of lasers, neon lights and more interesting to watch. The game is also optimized to run on older phones, so you can lower the graphics and frame rates to get better performance.

Apex Legends Mobile First Impressions

Apex Legends Mobile comes at a time when the multiplayer mobile game market is full of the same outdated options, with everyone wanting to be PUBG Mobile. With a new gameplay concept and some interesting characters to play, Apex Legends Mobile seems like a breath of fresh air, with plenty to enjoy. It is more than just a simple PC port, and every parameter is designed with the mobile gamers in mind.

Battle Royale fans will be familiar with the gameplay style, but the presentation and execution seem enjoyable – at least for someone who gave up the conventional battle royale games years ago. Will this take the mobile games market by storm? That is something only time can tell.

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