A linguist expert reveals the best starting words to find the Wordle 306 answer

Answer from Wordle 306: From your friends to the Wordlebot, everyone has an opinion on what is the best Wordle starting word. But what does a real language expert have to say about it? Find out.

Recently, we have come across different opinions about the best start word in Wordle. In fact, anyone who plays the game regularly probably has a preference for a starting word. Some may prefer a word with more vowels, while others may want a heavy consonant word to eliminate letters. Even US VP Kamala Harris has her own favorite starting word, NOTES. But what, according to a real language expert, is the best word for Wordle? And can it help you answer Wordle 306 faster? Read on to find out.

When it comes to starting words, even Wordlebot has come up with one. According to the New York Times AI bot, CRANE is objectively superior when it comes to the best keyword in Wordle. The bot has analyzed all 2315 words in Wordle to arrive at a word that is most likely to reveal the correct letters. However, that doesn’t help us much because everyone has a different strategy when it comes to the game and most people don’t think like an AI. And for anyone looking for a more recognizable keyword, there are now a few options.

Linguistic expert suggest the best Wordle starting word

If you haven’t searched for Wordle 306’s answer yet, now is a great opportunity to try out these starting words. Lynne Murphy, professor of linguistics and head of English language and linguistics at the University of Sussex, shared her favorite Wordle keywords with The Independent. While many go for AUDIO or OUIJA, which are basically vowel-heavy words, Murphy prefers to use more consonants.

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“Consonants are more informative than vowels – there are more to get out of the fight. Things like ‘CLAMP’ or ‘DRINK’, which have either an ‘L’ or an ‘R’ and either an ‘M’ or an ‘N’ she explains. She also explains why it’s not a good idea to use words with more vowels. “While you guess something vowel-heavy like ‘ALIEN’ at the beginning, you might learn that the word has an ‘A’ and has an ‘E’, but many words have those two vowels – you have not ruled as many words out”.

Murphy is also a fan of sonorous consonants. These are the consonants that have a nasal and sliding resonating sound. She said: “I like to use ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘N’ and ‘M’ early because they are easy to combine with other consonants. Once I know that a word with an ‘P’, for example, is not an ‘L’ I have excluded many of the possible ‘P’ words”.

So, try this strategy and use CLAMP or DRINK to get to Wordle’s answer 306 and see if it’s better than your starting word.

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