EV range short? Mercedes breaks that idea with Vision EQXX, BEATS own record

Mercedes Vision EQXX managed to break its own record with a new distance covered of 1202 Km. Here are all the details.

Will EVs be able to match the range of ICE cars? Mercedes seems determined to prove that it is possible to drive an EV for a long time. After raising eyebrows in April with its Vision EQXX concept car driving more than 1000km, Mercedes reused the same car to break its only record. The Vision EQXX sedan has now managed to cover a total distance of 1202 km, which is almost 200 km more than the previous distance. In fact, the car reached its destination with extra cargo and had to be unloaded by putting a Formula E driver in the driver’s seat.

The Mercedes Vision EQXX has covered the entire distance from Stuttgart in Germany to Silverstone in the UK. The car managed to do the entire trip on one charge, which draws more attention than anything else. This is good news for EV owners, as regular EVs can only travel less than half the distance. Note that the Vision EQXX is a concept car and Mercedes is still not publishing these numbers on its production cars.

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Mercedes EV exceeds 1200 Kms on one charge

However, to reach the range, the Mercedes drivers had to move at reasonable speeds. Mercedes says the car was traveling at an average speed of 83 km/h, which isn’t exactly fast by today’s standards. This is best classified as cruising speeds, which is what most EV drivers are comfortable with in the city or suburbs.

The Vision EQXX eventually topped out at 140 mph, but that happened when it reached its destination. The destination was the Silverstone circuit, where the next Formula GP will take place. Formula E driver Nyck De Vries eventually completed 11 laps of the circuit to completely drain the battery.

Of course, the mega range of this EV was made possible by the car’s smooth and long tail design. The Vision EQXX has a longtail design inspired by race cars that helps to reduce the drag coefficient to 0.17. On an EV, this helps in a way.

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