Yashal Shahid Biography – Age, Family, Songs, Photos, Education

Yashal Shahid Biography - Age, Family, Songs, Photos, Education

Yashal Shahid is a young and talented Pakistani singer. Yashal Shahid is the lead singer behind the beautiful OST of drama Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. Yashal has an engineering degree, but her passion for singing brought her into the showbiz industry. Let’s see the full biography, age, family, all songs and photos of singer Yashal Shahid.

yashal Shahid biography singer

Singer Yashal Shahid Biography


Yashal Shahid was born on June 9the April 1998 and she is now 23 years (2021).

Yashal Shahid Education

Yashal Shahid has done materials engineering at the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering of NUST University Islamabad.


Yashal Shahid has an older sister and a brother. Her mother’s family is from Kashmir. Her family is very supportive and encourages her to pursue her passion for singing alongside her studies.

singing career

Yashal Shahid is blessed with a beautiful voice. She sang at various events at her university. One of her singing videos shared on Twitter was retweeted by the famous singer Ali Zafar and he admired her singing talent.

Ali Zafar invited Yashal Shahid to her home in Lahore. Yashal auditioned and then Ali Zafar and she had a four hour jam session. Yashal Shahid shared the vlog with Ali Zafar on her social media account and her video went viral.

yashal Shahid biography singer

After that video, Yashal Shahid became hugely popular in public because of her amazing voice. She sang the OST of many dramas like Bharaas, Muhe Vida Kar. Yashal Shahid released her song, Ranjhna, with singer Mustafa Zahid.

Yashal Shahid has sung the beautiful OST of Hum TV drama series Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay. Fans are in love with her beautiful voice.

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Yashal Shahid Song

Here is the list of all the songs of Yashal Shahid:

Bhara’s OST
Mujhe Vida Kar OST
Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay OST

Social Media Handle

Instagram: yashalshahid_

Photos by Yashal Shahidi

Here are some pictures of singer Yashal Shahid:

yashal Shahid biography singer

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