When Nandish Sandhu was desperate for work, desperate for her ex-husband, Pai-Pai Rashmi Desai, had to face financial crisis.

Mumbai: From Uttarakhand to Beinteha and Undekhi 2, Nandish Sandhu has come a long way in the world of entertainment. The actor has also acted in many films including Girl in Red and Family of Thakurganj, but the journey was not easy for him. The actor has faced many rejections in his career, which he has recently revealed. Nandish Sandhu (financial problems) recalls the days of his struggle, saying how difficult it was for him when he decided to give up television for Bollywood.

Not only that, he also said that he had to face rejection many times and he was also told that he should have waited a bit before leaving television for Bollywood. According to Nandish, when he was trying to switch from TV to film, he repeatedly denied that he was a TV actor.

Nandish said- ‘When I was trying to go from television to film, for a long time, for almost two years everyone just kept saying that you are a TV actor and you have to wait for the film. Or forget what you are doing. This was the struggle that I faced. Sometimes there was frustration. Sometimes it felt like I was going back to what I was doing.

Nandish is now seen in Undekhi 2, but in an earlier conversation he further said that his frustration is growing due to repeated rejections. Not getting a job can be very upsetting. He said he was not getting enough work, which also caused him financial problems.

Nandish further said- ‘I was facing financial problems because I was not getting enough work. I went through stages where I was frustrated. Because I wasn’t getting enough work, or getting a good job. Reaching people was also difficult for me. However, he later decided to turn this rejection into inspiration and began trying to give his career a new direction.

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