Sushmita Sen has completed the web series Arya 2 iconic scene in 20 days

Sushmita Sen. She reigns in the hearts of the audience because of her beauty and excellent acting. The actress has been in the glamor world for almost three decades. The last two years (2020-2021) have been very lucky for the actress in terms of career. After a long time, the actress has returned to the world of acting with Disney-Hotstar’s web series ‘Arya’.

After the huge success of two parts of ‘Arya’ (Arya web series), Sushmita is preparing for the third part. However, we tell you that the actress surprised the audience with her look experiment in ‘Arya’. Not only that, the actress had to work hard for a scene in this series, which took her 20 days to complete and make her look impressive.

‘Arya’ was a Hindi remake of the Dutch series ‘Penoza’.

It is noteworthy that ‘Arya’ (Arya Web series) was a Hindi remake of the Dutch series ‘Penoza’. For your information, we keep telling you that ‘Aryan Season 2’ starts from where ‘Aryan’ ended. However, in the second season, in the second season, Sushmita i.e. Arya gradually took charge. Sushmita’s excellent performance has been seen in this series. He brings the weakness and strength of his character to the screen very well. As the story progresses, people get to see a lot of twists.

Iconic cigar smoking scene

In the second season, Sushmita played the role of a gangster, which the fans liked very much. In a scene from the second part, Arya i.e. Sushmita had to smoke a cigarette. It took Sushmita a total of 20 days to make this scene, the cigar scene, because Sushmita had never smoked before. According to reports, the director wanted the scene to be absolutely original and perfect, so Sushmita practiced for 20 days to cast herself in the Aryan gangster look and give the perfect shot and then shoot the scene for everyone.

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