In the Alia Bhatt Gangubai Kathiawari controversy, the Gangubai family has reached court against the photo

Alia ‘Gangubai Kathiawari’ starring Bhatt is going to be released in theaters soon. But before its release, the film became embroiled in controversy. Gangubai’s family opposes the film. His family says Gangubai worked for the community but was portrayed as a sex worker. The trailer of the movie has been under discussion since its release. The audience is praising Alia’s character a lot. Ajay Devgan is also in the picture. The film is set to release on February 25.

In fact, in 2021, Ganguly’s adopted son Babu Raoji Shah filed a petition in a Mumbai court against ‘Gangubai Kathiawari’. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Alia Bhatt were asked to appear in court during the hearing of the petition. However, the Bombay High Court later allowed the release of the film.

Now, in an interview with Ganguly’s son Babu Raoji Shah Ajatak, he said, “My mother has been turned into a prostitute. Now people are talking about my mother for no reason.” At the same time, Ganguly’s granddaughter Bharati says the producers are defaming her family for money. He alleged that the family’s consent was not taken for the photo. Not only that, he was not even allowed to write the book ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’.

Gangubai was a social worker

Ganguly’s family lawyer Narendra said, “The way Ganguly is portrayed is wrong and baseless. It is porn. You portrayed a social worker as a prostitute. Which family would like this? You made her a vamp and Lady Dawn.”

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Gangubai’s family is moving house because of the photo

Narendra added, “When the family found out that a film about Gangubai’s life had been made, they were hiding from the people. They were relocating. Wasn’t he? Wasn’t he a social worker? “

Notice has been sent to Sanjay Leela Bhansali

“We have sent notices to Sanjay Leela Bansali and Hussain Zaidi, the author of ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’ but have not received any reply yet,” Narendra said.

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