Francesca Mariano Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Facts, Net Worth 2022

Francesca Mariano Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Facts, Net Worth 2022

Francesca Mariano is a influencer, Social media personality, Co-host of podcast, and founder of Chicks In The Office. Along with Francesca, Ria also co-hosts Chicks in the office. Over time, the podcast gets an apple of the audience’s eye every day.

Francesca Mariano Bio


Francesca Mariano was born and raised in Texas, United States. People also call her Fran. The famous podcaster is currently collaborating Bar stool Sport and hosting a pretty well-reviewed pop culture show called Chicks in the Office with her co-host Maria Ciuffo.

Talking about her family life, she has a younger sister named Gia Mariano. She has not yet shared any information about her parents.

Francesca Mariano Age

The age of the influencer Francesca Mariano is 27 years. She was born in 1994 and celebrated her cake day on September 20 every year. She shares her birthday with celebrities like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jon Bernthal.

francesca mariano age

As for her zodiac sign, she is Virgin. As a Virgo, she has the following characteristics: hardworking, passionate, creative, honest, patient and more.

There is no way to deny her work, which has helped her advance her career and passion. She is still young and will undoubtedly have more success in the future.

Birthday September 20
year of birth 1994
Age 27 years
Zodiac sign Virgin

Length weight


Having a healthy body and sensible height always helps to boost self-confidence. The need for a healthy body combination increases when someone works on a busy schedule like Francesca.

Francesca Mariano’s height is about 5 feet 5 inches and her weight is about 119 pounds. Meanwhile, her body mass index is 19.8, which is counted as an average healthy body.

Due to the combination of height and weight of her body, her body shape resembles a rectangle. Although her diet plan is still unknown, her body shape says she is quite active at the gym and following a healthy diet.

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 119 pounds
BMI 19.8m/kg2
body shape Rectangle
Hair colour blond
eye color black
shoe size Five



Francesca Mariano is in a relationship with Joe, a well-built man. Joe and Fran got engaged in late 2019, specifically August 2019.

The couple said they had been in a relationship since college. Currently, they are both successful on their path. She believes that Joe is the perfect life partner for her.

Followers always complement the couple as soon as they get the chance. A kara_cinker commented: “You look so beautiful!!”.

Francesca Mariano Net value

According to reports, Francesca Mariano’s estimated net worth is about $500K and she earns a salary of $30K-$35K per month. The amount of assets she is worth enough to lead a decent luxury lifestyle.

Most of her income comes from brand deals, sponsoring as a podcast host. She also sells her merch on Barstool. A fair amount of money also comes from her merch. Besides, Chicks in the Office also plays host to many other shows, and a standout name is the dime package.

Net worth in 2022 $500K
Salary $30K -$35K
Profession Influencer and host
source of income Brand deals, sponsorship

Appearance on social media

Speaking of her personal presence, she is available on Instagram. However, Francesca Mariano is also available on Youtube and Itunes via Barstools Chicks in the Office show.

Instagram: On Instagram alone, more than 250,000 people follow her from all over the world. She started her journey on Instagram in 2012 by uploading her photos along with her dog. Instagram engagement rate is insane and the number is above 12.5%. Besides, the Instagram star gets more than 31K likes on almost every new content on her Instagram.

Youtube and Itunes: More than 50K people subscribed to her famous show Chicks in the office on Youtube. Big names like Jonus Brothers, Charlie Damellio and Priyanka Chopra. More than 13000K people have rated their podcast on iTunes only and rated it with 4.7 stars on iTunes.

Interesting facts

  • Her first Instagram post was hers dog after bath in May 2012.
  • She is associated with the Barstool.
  • She has a younger sister named Gia Mariano.
  • She has two cute little dogs named lola and Flo.
  • She is engaged to Joe.
  • Francesca is a big football/soccer fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Francesca Mariano.

Where is Francesca Mariano from?

Francesca Mariano was born in Texas and currently lives there. Since she was born in the United States, she has American nationality.

How old is Francesca Mariano?

Francesca Mariano will be 27 years old in 2022. The Instagram star was born in 1994 and celebrates her birthday on September 20 every year. She is Virgo by birth sign.

Is Francesca Mariano single?

Francesca Mariano’s relationship status is married. She married Joe in 2019. Meanwhile, she is not single.

How much does Francesca Mariano make?

Francesca Mariano value combines fortunes of $500K and earns about $30K – $35K per month. She leads a decent lifestyle.

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