Aryan Babbar got into an argument with the pilot and accused him of using force.

Mumbai: Arya Babbar, the son of Bollywood actor and Raj Babbar, had a heated argument with the pilot on the flight. Whose video is under discussion. Arya Babbar shared a video on Instagram showing him arguing with the pilot. The video shows the pilot (Arya Babbar video) accusing the actor that Arya had joked about him saying ‘Yeh keya chalega?’ At the same time, Arya Babbar first explained his statement but later he also got angry.

In the video, Arya Babbar is seen fighting with the pilot in the cockpit. The pilots call Arya in the cockpit, then find out the details of her joke from him. On which the Aryans give his explanation. However, things started to move forward. In this situation, where Aryan would have remained silent, he also started listening to the pilot. Arya shared a video of the whole incident on Instagram.

As seen in the video, Arya first greets his fans and then goes to the cockpit. Where he started talking to the pilot and said – ‘Yes sir, tell me.’ The pilot asked him, “Did you make fun of us?” No, no. ‘ Arya replies- ‘Joke? I was joking with my friend. The pilot turned around and said, “I heard you were saying, ‘What’s going on?’

Arya denied the pilot’s allegations and said, “No, I did not say, I said brother, he has come.” Did I say something wrong? The pilot says to Arya – ‘Well, I just wanted to know what you said.’ Aryan, on the other hand, continued his talk and said- ‘Do you want to show me your power like this? Is there a problem to joke? The pilot replied, “Yes, don’t joke, will you talk to me?”

Arya says- ‘Do you want me to get off the flight. If you have any problem you should come to me, I am not to you. The matter should not be taken lightly. Sharing the video on Instagram, the actor wrote, “People laugh when Go Air fines.” With that, he described the pilot as sensitive and tagged Go Airways in this post.

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