Entertainment Top 5 Gold Interests Huma Qureshi Vallimai Malaika Aurora Troll in Ukraine Crisis

Gold interest in Ukraine crisis: With the tweet of actor Sonu Sood, his fans and many social media users have started asking him for help. A user is commenting in the comment box of his tweet with the words ‘please help’, ‘you are messiah, please help’, ‘send fly sir’ etc. Let it be known that thousands of Indian students are stuck in different places in the universities of different cities of Ukraine, in which there is an atmosphere of panic. Most of them are medical students. (Read full news)

Huma Qureshi Ajit Kumar Movie: Huma Qureshi and Ajith Kumar’s much awaited film ‘Bhalimai’ has been released in theaters today. The film has been released in many languages ​​of the world including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi. Humayun along with Ajith Kumar, Bonnie Kapoor, Karthikeyan saw Vallimai’s first show in a theater among the audience. He shared a video about this. (Read full news)

Farah Khan’s comments about Karan Johar: Karan Johar has shared many pictures of himself on social media on Instagram. Her fashion sense in this picture looks amazing. Celebrities associated with the industry have praised her appearance. But filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan mocked her appearance and compared her to an ostrich. (Read full news)

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Urfi Javed Viral Video: In the video, Urfi Javed is seen in an aqua bikini. She is seen shaking her wet socks. Urfi is coming out from inside the swimming pool and adding a touch of glamor. This video of hers is quite liked by her fans. Urfi’s style has blown away his fans. Fans are constantly praising her beauty in the comments on the video. (Read full news)

Malaika Aurora Troll: Some pictures of Malaika Aurora are going viral on social media, where she is being trolled again for her dressing sense. In these photos, Malaika is wearing a brown half-sweater with a white floral shirt, as well as brown boots. Malaika is also probably wearing shorts, but her shorts are not visible as she is out of shirts and sweaters, which is why people are trolling her. (Read full news)

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