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In his first interview since winning Bigg Boss 15, Tejaswi said: ‘When I saw the video of my journey on the show, I realized that a lot of times things are going against me. There were plans against me to get me out of the game. Until the end, even on stage, no one in the studio wanted to see me win. Until the last moment, even though the trophy was in hand, everyone was hoping I would lose.

Entertainment Live News Update 01 February 2022: Tejaswi Prakash was declared the winner of Bigg Boss 15 on Sunday. Bigg Boss won 15 trophies and a cash prize of Rs 40 lakh by defeating actress Pratik Sahajpal. While his fans rejoiced at Tejaswi’s victory, many social media users were far from the result. Some celebrities like Gawhar Khan, Kamya Punjabi and Bipasha Basu also felt that the symbol deserves to be won. Gowher further revealed that there was complete silence on the set when the winner was announced. Tejasvi Prakash also reacted to this. Tejaswi says no one wanted to see him win.

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