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DA: What was the government’s decision on the DA of central employees, let’s know the complete details

AND: So friends, let us tell you that the ongoing movement to increase dearness allowance and increase in dearness relief in the whole country had raised the hopes of the central employees. That on March 15, 2023, the government may increase the dearness allowance and dearness relief, but the government has now extended the wait of all those central employees even more in this regard and if you are also a central employee, then you will also get dearness allowance. Allowance may be given.

DA: What was the government's decision on the DA of central employees, let's know the complete details 1

Let us tell you that in view of the rising inflation in India, the central employees have agitated, let us tell you that dearness allowance is given to the central employees twice a year and let us tell you that the government had claimed to increase the dearness allowance. .

No decision came from the government

AND: But the government has not yet taken any decision on this decision, due to which the central and state employees are facing a lot of trouble and now the central employees have to wait a long time as to when the announcement will be made by the government. It will be known that the dearness allowance has increased manifold, so let’s understand the further information in the same way.

Government can increase DA

Let us tell you that on March 15, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the cabinet meeting and it was expected from this meeting that PM Narendra Modi would increase the dearness relief and dearness allowance. But now he has not taken any such decision yesterday, Due to which the wait of central employees has increased even more.

Let us tell you that no such announcement has been made by the Government of India, but PM Narendra Modi can take a decision on this in the next meeting, with this decision disappointment is being seen on the faces of the central employees.


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