Crusader Kings III Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 29th

Paradox Interactive has announced that Crusader Kings III will be released on March 29 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. For its current-generation console debut, Crusader Kings III will feature adaptive trigger feedback on PS5, Quick Resume functionality on Xbox Series X |S, and an all-new custom interface for both systems specifically tailored for larger screens and console gamepads.

According to Paradox Interactive, this new control map allows players to quickly and easily navigate through the game’s menus via triggers, bumpers and quick movements of the analog stick. For the PS5 edition, one unique gameplay feature revolves around stress mechanics, where the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers apply different levels of resistance based on how much stress a player character has generated.

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Here’s what the control scheme looks like for PS5:

Crusader Kings III PS5 DualSense Controller Card
Crusader Kings III PS5 DualSense Controller Card

And on Xbox Series X|S it’s a similar story:

Crusader Kings III Xbox Wireless Controller Card
Crusader Kings III Xbox Wireless Controller Card

If you missed it when it first launched in 2020, Crusader Kings III is all about strategic, character-focused gameplay set in royal houses during the Middle Ages. Whether you play as a humble ruler or as a vicious king overseeing a vast empire, it’s up to you to secure your rule by forging alliances and making decisions that could lead to an opportunistic nobleman taking a knife your back sticks out. The game was a huge hit for Paradox Interactive and helped the publisher achieve a record year of growth in 2020.

In Sirbpti’s Crusader Kings III review, David Wildgoose said, “Looking back on my time with Crusader Kings 3, I’ve been struck by the wide range of experiences it offers. My journey took in such a range of emotions that I tried a pinning down a certain perspective seems pointless.”

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