Chelsea Handler Topless on 47th birthday

Chelsea Handler Topless on 47th birthday

Chelsea Handler celebrates her 47th birthday gloriously topless, freestyle skiing on a gentle slope with a cocktail in hand and flying flags is the most powerful video of the day.

“Doing all the things I love with the man I love.” – said Chelsea.

Handler’s post was received with applause from the fans.

“Omg this is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” said one fan, “This is exactly what I needed today. Good for you, Chelsea absolutely love it,” added another.

“OMG! I’m so impressed! Happy Birthday!”, Julianna Margulies responded.

“If you could see the joy on my face watching this video I’m so happy for you two. You are such a complete and total badass Chelsea!!! 47 looking hot girl!! Cheers!!!” , wrote another.

“This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen… I was so stressed out today and only needed a few minutes so I joined Twitter. Made my whole day; I laughed so hard!” said another Twitter -user.

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