Check out this awesome retro NASA game called Roman Space Observer; catch black holes, galaxies!

NASA has launched an amazing 8-bit retro space to spread information about the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope to the youth. Here’s more about the game named after the “mother of Hubble Telescope,” Nancy Roman.

NASA has launched its latest game, the “Roman Space Observer,” to spread information about the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope to the younger generations. This isn’t NASA’s first venture into the game industry. The space agency launched the Moonbase Alpha game in 2010. It was based on potential lunar base programs and included real-life simulations of the existence of life on various natural satellites. Now NASA’s latest game wants to promote its telescope in a fun way for the youth. In this game, players have to catch as many space objects as possible within one minute. The objects include galaxies, exoplanets, black holes and other celestial bodies.

Roman Space Observer is an 8-bit retro space game packed with tons of old soundtracks for players to listen to while on a mission to collect the space objects. Players get points for collecting different objects. After completing the mission, the game will provide information about the objects they have caught.

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The game aims to combine the fun of gaming with knowledge. The players learn about the different celestial bodies and about the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope. The game itself is named after the ‘Mother of Hubble Telescope’, Nancy Roman.

Nancy Roman was one of the few to help set up one of not only NASA’s, but the world’s largest observatories. The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990 as a way to observe deep space and explore distant galaxies. It has been in service ever since.

The Nancy Grace Roman Telescope is also known as the Hubble big-eyed telescope. This telescope will help to study various mysteries of the universe, such as the search for planets outside our solar system and the cause behind the slow expansion of the universe.

For those of you who are not NASA smart scientists, you can just enjoy space exploration through the amazing NASA game! Go to to play the Roman Space Observer game.

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