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Check loan waiver of these farmers in UP

Last Updated On March 19, 2023

Farmer loan waiver list: Big gift is being provided for the farmers by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Recently, new news has been released by the Uttar Pradesh government, according to which Uttar Pradesh marginal farmers will be able to get relief from their bank loans. Because the Kisan Karj Mafi Yojana is being organized by the state government. Through this scheme, loans are being waived for all marginal farmers of the state for financial assistance and encouragement in agriculture. If you have also taken a bank loan through KCC through any bank, then this will be a good opportunity for you when you will be able to get rid of debt.

farmer loan waiver list

As you all know that our country is agricultural. Where most of the people of every state are living their lives by doing agriculture work. In this work many times farmers take loans from banks due to loss, on non-payment of which their KCC bank loans are forgiven on the basis of financial assistance by the government.

Similarly, the Uttar Pradesh government is waiving the loans taken by the marginal farmers of the state for agricultural work through the “Kisan Karj Mafi List”, the list of which is available online. You can check its details.

Name of the articlefarmer loan waiver list
Department NameAgriculture and Farmers Welfare Department Uttar Pradesh
list typeloan waiver list
article categoryfarmer loan waiver list
AbilityMarginal Farmers of the State
Beneficiary2.63 lakh marginal farmers
official websitehttp://www.upkisankarjrahat.upsdc.gov/

What is Kisan Karj Wafi Yojana?

Crores of farmers work in agriculture in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This agricultural work is completed on the basis of hard work and accumulated capital. In this way, many problems arise for the farmers when there are no crops. The most important of these problems is the loan taken from the bank, which they are unable to pay. All the problems are being solved by the Uttar Pradesh government through the Kisan Karj Mafi Yojana. Because with this type of scheme all farmers will be able to get forgiveness from their bank loan and will be eligible to take it again. So all of you can take advantage of this scheme by applying online.

Eligibility for UP farmer loan waiver list

farmer loan waiver list

33000 farmers of 19 districts will get the benefit of loan waiver

More than 33 thousand farmers of Uttar Pradesh have been given new year gifts by the Yogi government. Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Minister Surya Pratap Shahi told in Varanasi on Saturday that after the formation of the Yogi Adityanath government in the year 2017, the decision to waive off the loans of the farmers was taken in the cabinet meeting. Under which the loans of lakhs of farmers were waived off. But during that time some farmers were deprived of getting benefits due to eligibility or technical flaws.

The Agriculture Department has prepared a proposal to waive the loan amount up to Rs 1 lakh to include the deprived farmers and has demanded Rs 190 crore from the Circle Department. After getting the approval of the Finance Department, on January 5, 2023, a notification has been issued by the government to waive off the loan. 190 crore loan of 33408 farmers of about 19 districts of UP will be waived off. Due to which the farmers of Uttar Pradesh will get relief from loan waiver.

How to download Kisan Karj Mafi List?

Interested beneficiaries of the state who want to see their name in this UP Kisan Karj Mafi List should follow the method given below.

Kisan Karj Mafi List

  • You will have to enter some information like bank, district, branch, credit card details etc. on this page. After filling all the information you will have to click on the submit button.
  • After this, you will see the loan redemption status on the next page.

Benefits of UP Kisan Karj Rahat List

  • The big gift for all the farmers of Uttar Pradesh is being provided by the state government through loan waiver.
  • Equipment for agricultural work will increase in India and farmers will work harder in agricultural work with the help of incentive amount.
  • This scheme is like a boon for the farmers, in which they are getting freedom from the loan taken for their agricultural work.
  • The bank loan of the farmers will be waived off and after that they can be given loans again for agricultural work.
  • Certificate will be given to the farmers under the scheme. You can use this for bank loan waiver.
  • The aim of the Government of India will help the farmers financially.

Disclaimer : Here is an information that we reach to you, our aim is that you can know the scheme information, status, list, check any decision related to it will be your final decision, we or any member of our team is not responsible for it. Will happen : Thank you


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