Brielle Biermann in Bathing Suit Says Life’s Better in a Bikini

Brielle Biermann in Bathing Suit Says Life’s Better in a Bikini

Brielle Biermann looks beautiful.

Kim Zolciak’s daughter The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared a photo on Instagram of herself in a bathing suit.

Brielle is currently on vacation in the Bahamas and she has shared several beautiful vacation photos on Instagram with her followers.

“Life is better in a bikini” – she said.

“My birthday is only next Saturday, but thanks for the cake” – commented one of her followers.

A week ago, she shared another amazing photo of her body.

“Can’t wait to be back in the islands soon, a new salt k-swimsuit” – she wrote.

What is the secret of her fit body?


Bowling is a great sport that promotes the growth of body muscles and helps you stay fit and in shape.

She shared an interesting photo on her Instagram of her and her sister Ariana Biermann going bowling.

“How many shots can we take with a bowling ball? – she asked. “I love you” – Ariana replied. “My babies” – Kim Zolciak noted.

She takes care of her skin

Brielle is a huge fan of skincare and she doesn’t care what anyone has to say about her looks

In an interview with BravoTV, Brielle revealed the $1,200 cream that transformed her face and skin.

Her daughter recommended a cream to her.

“She gave me this $1200 face cream,” she said, “which is insane, because I spend $1,200 every month on my skin, and skin care is expensive. It’s a lot of money for just one cream, but it’s the best cream in the world.”

Drinking water

“Drink lots of water,” said Brielle.

My mom always says, “Moisturize your skin.” You need to stay hydrated, you don’t want to be crispy, dusty, and dry. You want to be refreshed, and a moisturizer will make your skin look younger.”

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