Zooey Deschanel Jonathan Scott How Did They Meet

Zooey Deschanel Jonathan Scott How Did They Meet

Actress Zooey Deschanel and Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott have been the total model couple and the media has been following them since they first hooked up in 2019. It is considered to be one of the most incredible love stories formed in 2019. The two were first linked after Deschanel divorced her then-partner, Jacob Pechenik. Their relationship started as a musical encounter and grew into many Instagram posts. Everyone knows the day Scott and Deschane met, August 4, 2019. They were on the show Carpool Karaoke with their siblings Emily Deschanel and Drew Scott. Even though they entered a competition, the soon-to-be couple was excited about the meeting and Scott posted on Instagram: “Meet some new people today. We had fun. I think I’ll keep them #carpoolkaraoke,” Scott replied with a caption to the message.

On day one, Jonathan Scott was mesmerized by Zooey Deschanel, and he was very happy to admit it. The two would later offer intimate segments about how the love story began on an episode of At Home With Linda and Drew Scott, a podcast series hosted by HGTV husband’s twin brother Drew and his wife, Linda. Drew asked the actress, “When you first saw him on Carpool Karaoke — I want to know from you — did you know he was flirting with you?” This was broadcast in honor of their 42nd anniversary. “Yeah, yeah,” said the mother, admitting she might be flirting back. A source later told People in 2019 that Deschanel and Scott became instant friends after appearing on the show. They first got to know each other before entering into a relationship. The day they did carpool karaoke, they both had a lot of fun, developing a friendship that started with talking. Over time, a lot seemed to be going on. The source told Us Weekly that the pair formed a bond because of their love of theater, music, carols and movies, which led to instant attraction. As for everything, the only problem was that Deschanel was still Jacob Pechenik’s wife.

An open book.

Their relationship has been an open book since they started dating and posting several adorable videos and pictures of themselves. Scott uploaded the first post where they were together. He is seen with her at Universal Studios Horror Nights with his brother and wife. Deschanel would later share a post of those attending Drew Scott’s dress-themed wedding, as Catwoman and Batman.

During their one year anniversary, Scott uploaded a video dedicated to his partner. It read: ‘How time flies when you’re having the best time of your life. Who would have known that exactly one year ago my life would change forever. If I count my blessings, I count you twice.” They lived together during the pandemic, assured fans they were happy to be together and posted lots of updates. Deschanel told him on a radio show how it felt to go out with him , a real estate guy. She said, “He can fix anything. It’s great. He just pulls out his toolbox and fixes things. I’ll say, ‘Oh, the fridge is broken’ or, ‘The picture needs to be hung.’ He can do anything.”

The chemistry in the family

Deschanel said she knew Scott during an interview on SiriusXM because she watched his shows on TV. Of her love for the Property Brothers, she commented: “It always felt relaxing to me, but I never thought, ‘oh, I’d meet Jonathan’ and it never even crossed my mind. So when we finally did Carpool Karaoke together and I thought, ‘oh my god, he’s just the nicest person.’ Cutest, funniest, sweetest.” It is always a wonderful feeling when relatives love the person you are in love with, and this is important when the relatives happen to be business partners. Drew Scott always talks positively about Zooey. He says, “[They’re] both great people and I love it.” He stated that they usually go on double dates with his wife and the couple. After Deschanel found love, she turned her attention to finding companions for other famous people. Hosting The Celebrity Dating Game alongside Michael Bolton, she has helped contestants like Iggy Azalea find a companion.

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