Why Did Steven McQueen Leave The Vampire Diaries? Here’s What We Know

Why Did Steven McQueen Leave The Vampire Diaries? Here's What We Know

The popular teen drama “The Vampire Diaries” was based on a book series of the same name.

When the series was released, vampires were already a trending “genre” in Hollywood, given the fame the movie “Twilight” gained.

Steven Mcqueen (Jeremy Gilbert) in The Vampire Diaries. Source: Netflix

The first episode premiered in 2009 and garnered the largest audience for a CW network premiere since its inception in 2006.

While breaking a three-year record doesn’t seem like much of an achievement, “The Vampire Diaries” continued to break TV records over its eight-season run.

In the later seasons, the show was watched by about three million viewers a week.

Steven R. McQueen is an American actor and model whose most prominent role is the one he played in TVD.

Over the course of the show, McQueen has amassed a huge following for his good looks, captivating personality and great acting talent.

At the beginning of his career, Steven appeared in the American drama “Everwood”.

He later landed the role of Jimmy Borrelli in the action TV series “Chicago Fire”. His role of Jimmy was revived in “Chicago PD”.

In 2010, the actor starred in the 3D horror comedy film “Piranha 3D”.

He won the Best Male Performance Award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival for his role in the critically acclaimed short film “Club Soda”.

Steven’s most recent role is in a western drama film called “The Warrant”.


Steven R. McQueen is actually related to the legendary Terence Stephen McQueen aka Steve McQueen. He is his grandson.

Why did he leave the Vampire Diaries?

In “The Vampire Diaries” Steven played the part of Jeremy Gilbert, Elena’s younger brother.

He was featured in the show’s first six seasons and his character has been through a lot during that time.

There were many heartbreaking moments, including the fact that two of his on-screen girlfriends died and he also died and came back to life countless times.

When Jeremy left the show, it wasn’t because of his death.

It was because he decided to go to art school (of course, in the TVD world, art school is a kind of mystical broadcast).

Ahead of the sixth season premiere, the show’s creator, Julie Plec, announced that it would be Jeremy’s final season.

The reason is that she felt like she was doing whatever she wanted with that particular character.

“This season we all notice that Jeremy has grown into a mature and responsible adult. He was in so much pain on the show and I feel like it’s time we let him start a new life somewhere else,” Julie said in an interview.

In a separate interview, Steven compared his departure from the show to that of his character.

“During these six years on the show, I’ve been through a lot. I can safely say that most of the crew, cast and writers are like family to me. Like Jeremy who is going to college, I also find it very difficult to say goodbye. However, it is also exciting. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

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