Why did Allison Holker Leave Dancing with the Stars?

Why did Allison Holker Leave Dancing with the Stars?

Allison Renae Holker Boss is a famous dancer from the show Dancing with the Stars.

Holker, initially broadcast on abc.com, is an Emmy Award nominee and a choreographer.

In the 23rd season, the dancer collaborated with Babyface. Before making her debut in Dancing with the Stars season 19, she appeared in season 16 when she and her husband danced to Lindsey Stirling’s Crystallize.

The So You Think You Can Dance star made the transition from a reality show competitor to a professional in the 19th season.

She competed for two seasons before taking a hiatus in Season 22 after announcing she was expecting her second child. She made the announcement along with her husband and colleague So You Think You Can Dance, star tWitch.

She later returned to the show in Season 23 and this was her last episode to appear on the show as a professional.

Before the season 24 cast was announced, some of the pros decided, via social media, to tell fans that they would steer clear of the competition. One of them was Holker.

She said: “Hi guys, I wanted to be the first to reach out to all my family, friends and fans to say that I won’t be returning to DWTS this season. I really love my DWTS family, it’s all love and I am so excited for all the contestants participating this season.”

When both Boss and Holker spoke to AOL Lifestyle shortly after the cast was confirmed, she explained that she will be watching from the comfort of their Los Angeles home.

She said: “This season is going to be a really exciting season and I’m so supportive of everyone on the show. I’ve seen the reveal on ‘GMA’ today, and some of the celebrities on the show, I’m very, very excited to watch. my own favorites. I’m not going to reveal who I like to watch just yet – I’m going to do that a little later while I watch the show. But I think I already have an idea of ​​who my favorites are, already. So I’m very , very excited. But my husband and I, we actually have quite a few side projects that we’ve started working on that we really wanted to focus on diligently.”

The projects

The projects Holker focused on include a costume line, a clothing line, a jewelry line and an online dance studio.

With all these projects to do, fans can only assume that their office will be located in their Los Angeles home, which they partnered with HomeGoods to renovate. They are in love with the house and say they never want to leave.

Would she reconsider a comeback

While she may have taken a break from dancing a few years ago, the mom of three says she would definitely reconsider going back to the show.

Discussing her partnership with Puffs Plus Lotion, she said: “It would certainly depend on a lot of things. It would depend on what other work we do, and I think I would really have to judge, like, who my partner would be and what my trajectory in my career is and where I really want to be.”

She also said that since she left the show, she has stayed in touch with her former castmates and is a huge fan of the show. “To us, it’s a bit like our family, so I always check in with them to make sure everyone is okay,” she said. “They are now on tour and I follow everything they do.

And of course I miss it sometimes, but we’re all growing and branching out into new things, so it’s always nice to see where people are now. You know, when you’re on that show, it’s really a competition, but it’s a friendly competition, because you appreciate your peers so much,”

Holker continued. “So when I say competition it’s, literally, even from the producers, they say ‘We give you this song and this dance style and you have to make it up tonight and teach it to someone else,’ and it’s like oh okay, game on. I like the commitment that was involved, it kept me so sharp and you have to be prepared for anything, you know, and so I think that’s something you don’t get a lot from other jobs.”

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