Who is Amy Slaton? – The Little Facts

Who is Amy Slaton? - The Little Facts

She was born to her mother, Darlene Slaton, and an anonymous father in their hometown of Dixon, Kentucky.

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According to reports, her father had died when she was young. However, many of these statements are not supported by evidence, so facts about her father are a bit unclear. Her mother, Darlene, also doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with one of her daughters.

Darlene is married to Frank, who also stars in another TLC reality show. Frank did, however, die quite unexpectedly in the month of January 2021. His age would be around 62 years.

Now Amy is quite famous for taking part in the 1000lb show but her lesser known sibling is Chris Combs. Introduced later in the series, he also struggled with his weight and sought medical attention.

So Amy would have a total of 2 siblings, Tammy and Chris, who both seemed to struggle with their weight. These Slaton siblings seemed to have hit some tough points on the show. Still, they have since reconciled their differences and seem to be quite supportive of each other and their struggle.

Amy and her siblings would give their grandmother more credit than their real mother. They believe that their grandmother raised them.

She says this because Darlene would spend long hours at work, and the child’s primary caregiver would be the grandmother. This dynamic made Amy and her siblings very close to her grandmother.

Hair Weight Loss and Surgery

The TLC reality show star of 1000 Pound Sisters was a rather misleading title, as it led many people to believe that each of the sisters was indeed 1000 Pound. However, this was not the case.

In reality, Amy Salton only weighed about 406 lbs. when the show first started. She now weighs about 290 pounds. This reduction in her weight meant she was able to have her surgery in Season 1.

Amy went through the surgery alone, as her sister Tammy was unable to reach the target weight. Since many people are curious about her height, let’s tell you she is only 5 feet 4 inches.

Amy Slaton Net worth

She made quite a bit from the show, and no, her net worth is a whopping $250 thousand. Before the show became famous, however, she made money through her YouTube channel, which she created in 2001 with her sister.

Here they posted random videos about makeup, cooking or playing with their pets. They didn’t stick to one genre and made a series of videos on a multitude of topics.

Their power of makeup video exploded and caused them to gain more exposure and a larger number of subscribers. This allowed them to get in the eyes of the TV producer, and voila, they landed the show on TLC.

In which they would follow the advice of the world-class bariatric surgeon to lose enough weight to qualify for the surgery.

The last news

The famous TLC star on the 1000-pound Sisters Amy Slaton revealed to the world that she was expecting a baby with her husband.

Amy Slaton became famous for her weight when she starred in the famous show “1000-lb Sisters” with her sister Tammy.

They were both a dynamic duo and brought a higher rating to the show. However, the news that Amy Slaton is pregnant was revealed in the month of early January 2020.

This news is mixed with joy and some sadness. Because she was advised not to have a baby and to get pregnant at least two years after gastric bypass.

However, on the show 1st On the March 2021 episode, fans learned that the couple had welcomed a beautiful son named Gage Deon Halterman. This beautiful baby is said to have arrived by cesarean section in late December 2020.

Very concerned for the baby’s well-being, the doctors performed several tests on baby Gage, and concluded that he was suffering from low blood sugar. Although the baby was small and had low blood sugar, he didn’t have to spend time in the NICU.

Since birth, Amy has been incessantly sharing her bundle of joy on her social media. Her Instagram is flooded with photos of her newborn son (who wouldn’t do that with such a cute baby boy). She’s also shared milestones like baby Gage’s teething.

Amy believes that her decision to have the baby was indeed the right one and that she would have it another way. She captions her photos with praise and love for her little one and believes that she falls in love with him every day. Now let’s all enjoy Amy growing up to be the mom she was meant to be as we see all the updates of the little one and the many milestones he achieves.

Recently, in 2022, Amy announced that she and her husband Michael are expecting their second child together.

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