What Is Tom Welling Doing Now? His Acting Career isn’t Over but he is Very Picky About the Roles he Takes on

What Is Tom Welling Doing Now? His Acting Career isn’t Over but he is Very Picky About the Roles he Takes on

For many Superman fans, Tom Welling is considered the best actor to play the role of Clark Kent.

His role in Smallville paved his way to Hollywood stardom.

Or did it?

While many were convinced that Tom Welling would practically become an A-lister after the show ended, things took a different turn. Let’s see what happened to this talented actor and what Tom is doing these days.

His work on Smallville

Tom Welling’s first major Hollywood role was that of Superman in “Smallville”.

The story follows Clark Kent’s early days while he was still in high school and dealing with his newfound superpowers. Tom’s co-stars included some famous actresses such as Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk.

The show was an instant hit and they achieved some of the highest ratings on TV at the time with over 8 million viewers.

Interestingly enough, the popularity didn’t fade during all ten seasons being filmed – the viewers were extremely engaged.

Smallville has also won a number of major awards, from Emmys to Teen Choice Awards.

What happened to Tom after Smallville?

Given the amount of success that Smallville had, it was natural for anyone to assume that this actor would land some significant roles in the near future. Unfortunately this did not happen.

When he finished filming the series’ final season, he first wanted to take a two-year vacation to get his mind on the right track.

When he returned, he starred in “Parkland”, a movie about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, “Draft Day”, and the movie “The Choice”.

While these projects were kind of was successful, it was nowhere near Smallville.

After a while, he got a role in the comedy “Cheaper by the Dozen” and a horror film “The Fog: Remake”.

These two movies weren’t exactly global blockbusters, but Tom decided to give the comedy another try and stared in the sequel, “Cheaper by the Dozen 2”. Oddly enough, this would be his last film for quite some time – exactly eight years.

One of the most recent projects in which he starred includes the TV show “Lucifer”. However, Tom said he was initially reluctant to accept the role but was turned down for another role which he thought would be a great opportunity for him to return to the big screens.


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He acted on Lucifer for two seasons before landing another “nostalgic” role of Superman. It was the movie “Batwoman and the Crisis on Infinite Earths”. The film producers wanted to include earlier versions of superheroes in the film – hence Tom Welling.

What is Tom Welling doing these days?

Hollywood sometimes paves the way for potential superstars. Tom was one of the biggest TV stars in the early 2000s, but he never reached the level of fame everyone expected.

The biggest reason for this is that he didn’t really embrace the Hollywood lifestyle, as he says.

Tom Welling is now 44 years old and married to Jessica Rose Lee since 2019. According to the most recent reports, Tom spends most of his time playing golf these days.

He manages to lead a quiet life and spends his free time with his wife and son. Although his acting career is not over yet, he is very picky about the roles he takes on.

In an interview a few years ago, Tom said, “Being famous is not for me. I just want to do some work and come back home and live privately.”

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